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Venturing Pants, How they shrink

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I have owned Venturing pants for the last 4 years. I had them hemmed originally because I am a large waisted, short legged guy so I thought that was just fine...


A year later, I had to get the pants hem taken out because they started to shrink...


I went to wear them last week to a scouting function after not being active for a while, they were above my ankle....


Which wasn't acceptable for $65+ pants!!!!


I went to a National Scout Store today with pants in hand, they are replacing them under the satisfaction gurantee clause on their products...


Now the fading of the pants wasn't their fault, but the shrinking I couldn't handle.


They were polite and had no problem handling this for me. Thank you boy Scouts for taking care of my needs, I wish this wouldn't have had to happen in the first place but I am very pleased with how they responded.


Just wanted to pass that on.

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