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Married Venturers

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Consider that if we were talking about a Troop rather than a Crew, and the two married (to each other) 18year olds were registered as ASMs, this question would not even come up. Where is the common sense in any of this? What lesson are we teaching? That rules are rules, even if they are devoid of any logic? That's why this country was founded in the first place! (faint sounds of God Bless America in the background...)


The right answer should be (National, are you listening???), if they have entered into the Holy Bond of Matrimony, they are adults, both in the eyes of God and the Laws of man. End of story. The other side of the coin is that maybe married couples should not be accepted as youth members of a Crew. That privilege is reserved for those who have not yet entered into legal "adulthood".

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Thanks everyone for your responces. I wanted to wait awhile before responding because I know this can be a touchy subject.


I took the liberty to contact national office today and spoke to Sharon (I don't know her last name), who is the National Venturing Division Secretary. She told me that it is acceptable for married couples to join as youth members, they just have to act as youth members and be appropriate. It isn't the policy of the BSA to discourage relationships amongst it's youth members, however, they need to be mindful of their company: single Venturers who might feel uncomfortable. It's more of guidelines of how youth members should act... like common sense. So, don't plan on seeing anything written down for awhile. National wants crews to set up they're own rules in their bylaws. It's up the chartering organization to make the final say on membership guidelines, but leave it up the the youth members to make that final rule. The same goes for over 21 married to under 21. They can be active in the crew, however no romantic physical contact can be made. As for the ethical concern (adult leaders in relationships with youth), this is something that can be debated through the crew and established through their bylaws (think ethical controversies for the Silver Award). What youth members do and adults do (within legal rights and accord to current BSA policy) outside of Scouting is their business. National does not want to see advisors dating their Venturers, however, it is ok if they belong to two separate crews. The key message is: Venturing is a place for young adults to seek truth, fairness, and adventure in their outdoor world; not for romantic relationships.


Thanks and YiV,



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I got interested in this and called our scout exec he stated that they could not sleep together but the membership was not a problem at all, he said his hope would be they would become leaders as a couple leater on and that would tickle him.

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