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Advice on Venturing

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I'm Scoutmaster for a Troop, 2/3 of which is old enough for Venturing. We have discussed both a Venture Crew, and a Venture patrol. I have heard both good and bad comments on each. I realize they are quite different. I also know that Council has a vested interest in starting up a Crew, partially to get an increase in unit count.


I need to know your real feelings about Venturing.

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If you startup a Venture (Crew, this still confuses me, the names that is)they should only be in the Crew. They will need to work to get the unit up and running. And should have nothing to do with the Scout troop. Venturing should not be tied to a troop.

A Crew is a separate entity from the troop.

My feeling would be a Venture Patrol, keep them in the troop.


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I think you should start a seperate Venture crew for a number of reasons. First, they can be a support for you and the troop as well as giving these older teens a sense of their own identity, which is important to them at their age. Second, since Venture is coed you will also have a whole new group of female teens which will keep your older boys interested in staying. In my two Venture crews its the girls that are gungho on advancement and encourage the guys in a good spirited competition to keep advancing. My teens provide additional help and leadership to a pack and a troop, and the younger kids love it when the Venturers come to visit.


The Venture program is a win win situation to me, as I am not only maintaining my numbers but growing rapidly, 200% in two years. Venture is such a flexible program that you can design it to best serve your kids. It gives a place/program for teens to move up to and mature in, and since it is coed you dont have to worry about your 15-18 year old boys leaving. I suggest you invest the time and attend a Venture Leader Specifics Training course in your district, done correctly it will revitalize your programs.

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You might want to take a look at the posting :

Time to stand on your own two feet.

That ran in these forums a little while back.

Both programs are good. However they need to be two programs. Just as you don't mix you Cub Scout activities with the troop activities. To my way of thinking while Scouts can belong to both programs at the same time. Both programs need to be stand alone programs.

Do you have enough Adults interested to start up a new program?

How does your Chartering Organization feel about starting a Venture Crew?

What happens about equipment when both programs need it at the same time?

I have to admit that I am more for the Venture Patrol if the older Scouts are still active in the troop.

Most of the Crews in this area seem to have sprang up without enough a good foundation. While a well ran and well organized Crew is a thing of beauty. The small Crews that consist of a few older Scouts and a untrained in Venturing ASM don't seem to be doing very much. They start with a great deal of enthusiasm and then seem to run into a brick wall. Of course that might just be what is happening in this area.

There are very few activities that a Venture Patrol can't participate in that a Crew can.

You already have the leadership in the troop. The troop has all the equipment and the parents understand the program.

Starting a new program is a big undertaking. But it can be very rewarding.


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If what fires your older Scouts up is doing stuff unavailable to younger Scouts -- you need to start a separate Crew. They'll be able to admit young women on an equal basis, earn the Ranger, Quest, Bronze, Gold and Silver awards, etc. They'll have their own identity.


If want to be separate, equal, and slightly different in the troop, then it's a Venture patrol you need.


Whichever way you go, they certainly deserve an education in the choise and a voice in the choice.


Voice in the choice -- I'll be darned. I rhymed!



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I agree with my favorite Uncle, but let me add that Sea Scouting is a program under the Venturing umbrella which serves the same co-ed 14-21 aged youth. Sea Scouts can work on both the Sea Scout advancement program and everything that Venturing offers. Keep the programs separate. Scoutmasters who also serve as Advisors, just can't possible put enough into both programs as they deserve and need, maybe Superman could, but most of us couldn't.

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