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We have started a new Yahoo group today and we hope that we can get many councils, and crews from all over the United States to join. We are located in Baltimore and the group will be for Baltimore Area Council, but Venturers travel, if your a Venturer you know that. Our intent is to get the word out about evants and activities everywhere so all Venturing members can know what is happening at any given time and make their plans. the group is located at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BAC_Venturing/. Please join and share all of your Venturing adventures. We need to keep it active. This group is, at this point 3 hours old. It needs to grow. Spread the word...



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This seems like a great idea.

I will do what I can to let the crews in our area in on it.

Here in Westmoreland Fayette Council, we have not todate set the world on fire when it comes to the Venturing.

Still that is about to change - Or so I have been told. One of our members has been made the Regional Venture Advisor - I have no idea what he is to do, and this is a new one on me. Anyway he is at this time full of pep and wants to get things going.

Last time that I spoke with him, he was a bit down in the dumps. He had sent a letter out to the nearby councils asking for info about what they were doing and had not got a single reply.

One of the Staffers on our Wood Badge, is the father of the Regional Venturing president, he E-mailed me to ask who this Regional Advisor was?

There does seem to be a lot of people trying to do stuff but there does seem to be a need for better lines of communication. At least in our neck of the woods.

The web, does seem like a great tool to help in this area.

Good Luck.


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Yes, your right. There is a lack of activity in the Venturing movement. Last week we ran a council wide Venture Quest at Broad Creek Scout Reservation, there were only four Venture members from 2 crews that attended. This new group is a result of that. It seems council with all good intent, can't get the word out. It will have to be up to us, the volunteers to make it happen. But, that is always the way it is I guess. Anyway, the group started yesterday, 6 members so far, three new just today. I think if we all start working together across the US to get Venturing going, it will happen. Thanks for your support.



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