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Air Scout literature

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Does anyone hold the following scripts at their disposal if not would you be able to tell me where I can find copies of these documents.

Thank you for your time.

1) Air Explorer Manual (#3508)


2) Air Scout Manual (#3648)


3) Air Scout Merit Badge Pamphlets

Aerodynamics (#3280)


4) Aeronautics (#3306)


5) Airplane Design (#3281)


6) Airplane Structure (#3279)

paperback, written by W.H. Hunt


7) Senior Scouting Program Notebook


8) Hints to Squadron Leaders (#3195)


9) Miscellanous Air Scout Manuals

Air Scouting Development, 1941


10) Scouting and Aviation, 1941


11) Tentative Program Proposals, 1941


12) Air Scouting (pamphlet), #3472, 1942


13) Air Scouts, #3476, 1943


14) Air Scouts Contests, #4166


15) Air Scout Advancement Requirements, #3022, 1946


16) Air Scout Leaders' Training Course Notebook (#4163)


17) Air Scout Leader's Training Course Guidebook (#4164)


Your help will be appreciated.

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You might contact the National Scouting Museum in Irving, TX. They have volunteer curators who may be able to help you find the information you're looking for.


Other than that, if you're trying to get your hands on actual copies of the original material, you may be hard-pressed. Air Scouting was a small segment of the BSA and not for very long. Air Exploring lasted longer, but still wasn't very big.


Best of luck.



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Hello, I have a copy of the Air Scout Manual #3648 Copyright 1942 and it is the Proof Edition. This is a highly collectable book. I am getting ready to list it on ebay but I thought I would post this reply beforehand in case you would like to make me an offer on it. That would save me the time of listing it. :)


Let me know...



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Sergei: If you will go to the web site for the Air Force Officer Training School at Maxwell AFB in Alabama you might can get some ideas on how you might could run a Youth Officer Training program

a lot of OTS is academic as well as physical and military and a great deal of patriotism as well. Thanks Dana

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