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High Visibility Venturing

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Crews need to advertise, do things that put them in the community eye. Participate in service projects in the community. When a local Boy Scout Troop does things the local newspapers get a story from the troop, When a local Cub Scout Pack does something we see the story in the newspaper. When a Boy Scout earns Eagle again it is in the paper. But I do not see anything concerning Venturing crews or Sea Scout Ships. Crews rely too much on the internet, sure it is easy but easy does not always cut it. Especially for recruiting. Word of mouth does a lot, fun programs will help too. If the youth are having a good time then you may start seeing their friends. Get on good terms with scoutmasters but do not stick just to the troop a crew is a crew and a troop is a troop, every crew needs to have it's own program. Also in many councils the area Learning for Life does a career interest survey for Exploring in the local high schools, on the bottom of the survey form is a hobby interest survey that crews can use contact the DE and see if they can get the information if so

then send out invitations for youth inviting them to crew meetings.

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What a great opportunity you have discovered to do service to the crews in the District you serve. As a UC for a crew and a Venturing Roundtable Commissioner, why not send press releases to the local media keeping them informed of the community service being done by the crew(s) and the advancement being achieved by the local Venturing units.


It's a shame that packs are sending in information on packs, and troops are keeping your local papers informed, but no one is sending in news on Venturing even though it is a recognized need.


What a great oppportunity for you now that you have identified a specific job that would help bring more youth to the program as well as inform the public of the quality scouting being offered through your local Venturing program. It seems custom made for a commissioner.



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