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ceremonies for Venturing

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Earlier this week of May 2004 we had an advisor of a Venturing crew ask about crew officer induction ceremonies to bring in a little meaning to crew meetings. We referred him to the Sea Scout Manual, which still has a lot of the traditional Sea Scout ceremonies to put meaning in ship meetings and special occasions. Is there to anyone's knowledge a book, manual or pamphlet that Venturing crews can use for ceremonies or induction ceremonies or recognition ceremonies. Or is it the common practice among crews and ships to borrow from old material or use Boy Scout ceremonies? Do we need to write a Venturing

special occassions and ceremonies section for the Venturing Leader Manual or the Venturing Handbook. I believe ceremonies could work for uniformed and un-uniformed units. If any crews or ships or leaders or commisssioners have any ideas we need all the help we can get. Thanks Dana.

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When it comes to some kind of ceremony for officer inductions I would assume it would be similar to Troops. Troops do not have any specific ceremony plan for Pl's, or SPL's. Some have some kind of induction and some may not. It's up to the Troop, as it would also be up the the Crew. Correct me if I am wrong, but to my knowledge there is no written ceremony.


What and how have you awarded Venturers who have earned the Bronze Award, Gold award, Silver award, or Ranger award? Have you held some kind of ceremony for them?


If ceremonies for awards are not written, maybe it is up to each Crew to design their own?

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Venture Scout. The crew that I am unit commissioner of did a Banquet for recognition of 2 Venturers that earned both Gold and Silver Awards. I believe they borrowed some things from the Eagle ceremony. What I am talking about is to put some ceremonies in crews so it makes the meetings to be something of meaning to Venturers. Earlier last week a Crew Advisor from Texas asked about having a crew officers induction ceremony. I referred him to the Sea Scout Manual and on page 27 of that manual there is a Petty Officer Installation Ceremony. Later he e mailed me and received the suggestion well. I for one believe that crews and ships should have

recognition ceremonies and need to celebrate the achievements of their ship and crew mates.

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