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I cannot actually try this program yet, because I have not received an answer from the national Venturing committee once I do I will put all of my resources to work and set up an active Air Scouts squad in the Woodburn area. Also I have found sketches of the Air Scout uniforms and intend to use the Air force jackets and possible pants, keeping in mind the fact that we cannot impersonate members of the Armed Forces. And yes, the air scouts will be co-ed program acting as a branch of the Venturing program, which would entitle them to earning the Venturing awards, however, the main award in this branch will be the Ace medal. More information on this topic can be found by searching for Air Explorers (1949-1965) on the Internet.

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Go ahead and organize a squadron in the area you mention, do this as seperate unit and carry out the plans, and try it, National might be slow on getting back to you, But get the DE's opinion share your plans with him/her and have them help you along the way. Ask to have a Unit Commissioner that is familiar with Venturing help you. Go to

District Committee meetings and have them help you and give them a report on your squadron. Invite them to advancement ceremonies and invite other Venturing crews and Sea Scout Ships, Boy Scout Troops, instill pride in your officers and make it fun and interesting, then off you go into the wild blue yonder. Good Luck and go for it.

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