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Blue water sea scouts. Sailing and Racing.

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How many Sea Scout Ships are a traditional naval style ship with uniforms and a truly seamanship, nautical style program. How many other ships are just sailing, motor boating, and just do that and do not worry too much about the uniforms, etc? And how many do the sail boat racing program?

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Traditional Sea Scouting navy-uniforms, seamanship and making advancements to quartermaster, What about a Red Division ship or a ship that is Sea Scouting but can it be interested in Nautical or Maritime Careers and still be considered Sea Scouting or what? this ship could the youth still earn from Apprentice to Quartermaster could they incorporate a Maritime Cadet style program similar to a Merchant Marine Midshipman program in with the Sea Scout Program. Or a Merchant Mariner program as well. Do Sea Scouts really have to earn advancement at all can they do an alternative advancement system that is mentioned in the manual under Sea Scouting Safe Boating and Advanced Seamanship Training Courses. And couldn't this be with ships that are in the Red and White Divisions, in other words Sea Scouts that are not quite in the Traditional Program.

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