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What specialty is your crew?

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we are an eclectic crew, we backpack, we hike, we build cardbord boats, we go to Etiquette Dinners, we camp at Council Events, we organize Council Wide Crew Education week ends, we go to Cabela's for the day. Three Crew members are officiers in the COuncil Youth Crew COuncil

We whitewater raft and enter Venture Crew FIlm Festivals (well one) and want to host our own Film Festival. We go to Assateague


We do what the youth has an interest in, Our Specialty is adventure, where ever we find it, be it on the Staten Island Ferry, The Appalachian Trail, in a Japanese Steak House or posing as SPeed Racer Charactors at the District Pinewood Derby


Venturing is limited only by the imaginaiton of the Crew

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OGE what is an Etiquette Dinner? Is your crew co-ed and if so how did the girls react going to Cabela's. Reason why I ask is that Cabela's was suggested in the crew I am UC of and there was not that much of a reaction from the girls in the crew. Thanks again

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The Etiquette Dinner is a hold over from when I was a scout. Once a year or so the Crew goes to a gourmet restaurant that is run by the local community college food service program. They have package deal where they will explain how a lady and gentleman act in a fine restaurant. Which fork to use, how to converse with people you dont know, that sort of thing. The youth are getting older (is that an oxymoron?) and as they prepare for weddings, proms, and more than just eating a burger at a fast food joint, they learn a cultured approach to dining.


We are very much a co-ed crew. I am not sure if you know this, but the redoubtable Outdoor Thinker and Campfire Fairy are both members of the crew, female and officers on the COuncil Youth Council. Outdoot Thinker was the scoutcraft director at our Council's summercamp. Well, Outdoor Thinker was a little skeptical about the Cabela

s thing although she went, and Campfire Fairy just plain refused to go to the store of Camping and Death. But, she stayed home and the members that wanted to go, went. We just spare her the details. Not everyone has to love every activity. Not every member can make every outing.


We have our urban adventure tour, we park in Hoboken, New Jersey and take the fairy to Manhattan and wander the city (during daylight, we havent graduated to extreme adventure as yet)then take the sub back to Hoboken under the river. We have done murder mystery dinners, both ones we wrote and commcerical ones and served as staff for a council Scoutreach week end. We have a week end of shore fishing planned just south of Atlantic City this spring.


When people say what is your specialty, we say we seek adventure in life, its not the destination its the journey.

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Florida Scout, That's great the one Venturer who was never a scout joined your troop, do you think that Venturing had an influence on him joining the Troop? So Venturing can be somewhat of a preview for

people with no scouting background to join a troop at an older age, hopefully prior to 18 so they can earn badges and advancements. Good luck to the new scout ala Venturer.

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