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have many life scouts getting ready to work on their eagle projects. as preapproval is necessary, they are getting their paperwork started. but our approval board only meets once a month and is quite a distance away. the boards head has suggested that we use the electronic form to send the information to him for inspection, and suggestions ahead of time. thus eliminating some of the trips spent getting the project approved. does anyone know how to find this form? thanks eagle96

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(Rats! I had a great reply ready to go, then I re-read your post and discovered I had missed a small detail.)


You may try your council's website.


Another good resource is meritbadge.com

look under forms and files



I think you will find what you are looking for. They have several versions of the forms available there.


Another simpler idea would be to email the information from those sections without going through the hassel of using the electronic forms. Then the information can be printed and added to the work book. (You are allowed to add additional pages as needed.)


Make certain to impress upon these Life Scouts how important it is to:

follow every step in exacting detail and in its proper order

record any action related to the project or planning, such as dates of meeings, telephone calls, etc

to save every scrap of paper in any way related to the project


Best of luck to you and those Life Scouts, though if they have their acts together they shouldn't need much of it.

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