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Since BSA has increased its Emergency Preparedness awareness and since in the Venturing Program that the requirements for Ranger Award have Emergency Preparedness wouldn't it be a good time to restart the Ready Crew Program formerly known as an Explorer Ready Post Program. To raise crews and ships that could respond to emergencies and give them that "DO A GOOD TURN DAILY" spirit again.

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Here are several links of council/crew websites on Search and Rescue Crews. Please be advised that some councils still use crew/post interchangeably.



http://www.exploring.org/list_posts.cfm?special=High%20Adventure%20%2F%20Search%20and%20Rescue&unit=crew (this unit has not completed their website and is still under construction)


http://www.nega-bsa.org/venturing/index.shtml (Crew 1033)


This is an incomplete list, your best bet is to contact your Regional Venturing President to ask for Search and Rescue crews in your region.



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