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We've just started a Venturing Crew: Do these things we're doing follow BSA regulation?

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We established our Venturing crew in Aug.,2000

things I have learned,

do not use the same committee as your troop

do not have meetings on the same night

do not use troop eqipment

treat your Venturing Crew as a seperate unit from the troop

do not use Troop leadership for Crew leadership.

but keep in contact and do things with the troop if they want you to.


this way you do not have conflicts of interests.


this is my opinion, we tried it the other way and found out it just doesn't work



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JLT means Junior Leadership Training, its a Boy Scout thing.


And im sorry, we wear uniforms at our school, so I would be suspened if I did, and that wouldnt be scout like now would it?


About the Bronze Award, our Council knows we do it because we are very well known within the council, and they've seen me a plenty of times, and they havent said anything yet.


And here are my answers to Advisor Jim's statements:


We wont use the same exact committee

We are not having them on the same night, or that ruin a couple of us

Sorry, we are a poor troop, and limited supplies, so we have to use troop equipments, but troop always has first call to use of equipment

We are, but a number will be the same since the Cub Scouts are also the same number and we dont want to ruin tradition

Our Scoutmaster will be our Male Advisor, and a troop committee member will be the female Advisor



There we go, reply soon, usually it takes you guys days to reply!

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So even though you have only been a member of a Venture Patrol, which is part of the Boy Scout program, and you will be awarded a Bronze award, which is part of the Venturing Program and no one sees a problem?


Its amazing what good people can do with a good program with good intentions. SPL_T15 I can offer no advice but have fun, doesnt seem like the rules get your guys way of having fun, and maybe all of life should be more like that.

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I know what JLT is and I know what JLTC is.

I even thought I knew what a ticket was. Until you mentioned it that you did it for JLT, at that point I was even more confused than I usually am. ;)

How do you work a ticket into a day long training event? How many items are on your ticket. What type of items are on our ticket?

Do you choose up patrols for JLT?

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It's good that your troop and your Venturers have taken JLT. However, JLT is a Scouting training program and focuses primarily on Boy Scoutng. I would recommend that your crew participate in a Venturing Leadership Skills Cource (VLSC), usually held by the Venturing Officers' Association (VOA) in your council. Most VOAs hold VLSCs twice a year, once in the spring and fall. If your VOA has a Kodiak program (think of it as a week or 2 week long VLSC), I strongly recommend that you attend. You'll learn about all of the awards and the new Quest sports award. Plus, VLSC training is a requirement for the Silver Award.


For your adult leaders, have them visit the Venturing Fast Start site provided by National Council: http://www.scouting.org/venturing/faststart/index.html



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I believe that you where at JLTC. Junior Leader Training Conference.

JLT Junior Leader Training, is a day long training, that is done within the troop.


I "staffed" JLTC this year (I use staff very loosely, because I did almost nothing for a week. The Scouts that where staffers where great!)

And we did nothing with a ticket. Which is why I was asking. I will have to get out the training manual to see if we missed this item.

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The terms being mentioned by Senior_Patrol_Leader_T15 in the context of the JLT Conference are terms used in the White Stag program. Silver Stag is an award, Beaver is a patrol name, "ticket" is a Leadership Growth Agreement", and the 11 leadership skills are part of the basic leadership program. White Stag shares commonalities with JLTC, and with Woodbadge, but they are not the same thing. White Stag is a 6 year program. It is not a BSA program.

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It's official title was: White Stag Junior Leader Conference.


Also, I have another question, i have moved to another area in my parish, but i still attend my current troop. But where I live a new troop has formed with only 6 members, a they want me to double-register and also be there Senior Patrol Leader. Also, where I live now, there is a club called ICP, which focuses on the Wildlife Reervation, but they are registered as a Venturing Crew. Can I double-register, or will I have to pick one or the other. See, the new troop knows of my expertise in that area, and they want me to join, since im two merit badges from eagle, to let people ow that there troop has an Eagle in it, and the ICP is very, very populated, but I don't want to live my Crew, since I'm a founding member.




Also, something to think about....

In the Scout Law, it says a Scout "is"

But in the Scout Oath, it says you will "try your best" to follow the Scout Law. Now if a scout must follow the Scout Law as said by the Scout Law, then when you say I'll do my best to obey the Scout Law, Then what are you truely saying. I'll tell you the answer in my next post.

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At first I thought this was just a really scary example of SPL_T15 knowing only bits and pieces of how to run a real BSA program and then improvising the rest with no real supervision... making it up as they go along and not knowing any better. A completely bottomless pit of needing endless help and advice from Scouters Who Know. But as I reflect on it I have started suspecting that Senior_Patrol_Leader_T15 is not actually a young Boy Scout, but an adult with quite some BSA experience who thinks this is a really fun way to get everyone going around the mulberry bush with the rules and regs. I am especially impressed SPL_T15 keeps responding to the posts and amping up the issues and questions to an even more ridiculous level. Any normal kid would not be interested or make the effort spending that much time typing to a bunch of adults. Anybody else think this is a setup identity?

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What do you have against me. I've told everyone my age my troop, and god knows what else. Am I going to have to tell our website so you can see im really who i say i am.


Also, how would you know what a normal kid would and would not do? Are you 14? Not everyone is the same. Im more mature than other 14 yr. old teens, thats it.


Thank you OGE for defending me. Also all you other men and women who have shown me consideration and respect.


Had to say some self then delete it off, that was the edited part.(This message has been edited by Senior_Patrol_Leader_T15)

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