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Venturing Uniforms

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As a clarification, the Ranger Award is not the highest award in Venturing. The highest award is the Silver Award, which encompasses all core areas. The Ranger Award is a supplemental award for the Venturing program, the highest award for outdoor crew emphasis. The same goes for the Quartermaster Award for Sea Scouting and the Quest Award for sports.


On a side note, it took me about 3 years to complete the Silver Award and the Ranger Award together.


Our council's VOA does a council wide Venturing award banquet every spring. The youth do all of the planning and contact local hotels, conference centers, or any nice place that can accommodate 200 or so people. We usually plan ours to be like a prom and Venturers come in dressed very formally or in the their uniforms. We try to get keynote speakers (like the National Venturing President, Regional Venturing President, etc) and other well-known community leaders. The VOA does this additionally to the crew's own COH's. This way, Venturers get recognition not only from their crews, but from the whole council as well.



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While we are on the topic of Venturing Crew awards on uniforms, I have a question about the Council Venturing Crew Leadership Award. I recieved the award a little over a year ago, in a very memorable Court of Honor that I had no really part in the planning, in fact, I almost didnt show up (it was a very hectic weekend), because I did not know I had been nominate nor did I know that I would be recieving the award.


I really love my medal. It's beautiful, however it is bulky and pretty burdernsome to wear when in uniforms, does anyone know if there is a pin or bar or patch that can be worn on Venturing Crew uniforms all the time, so that I only need to get the medal out on special occasions?

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