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Qualifications to run for the office of Council Venturing President:

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Just got word from our Council Rep these are the qualificaitons to be President of the Councils Venturing Council. This is a youth council made up of representatives of council crews. What gives me a sense of pique is the youth have not seen this, agreed to this, or the ones at summercamp dont even know this is out there. The rep says these are naitonal standards and the youth HAVE to accept them. Does anybody know if thats true? Have you seen these before? Comments?


1. Be a currently registered in Venturing in the Council.

2. Be a present or past Crew President or present or past Chairperson or Officer in the Venturing Executive Board (VEB).

3. Be recommended and approved by your Crew Advisor.

4. Be under 22 years of age at the time of election and be under 22 years of age during your term of office


From October to September (One year Term)


(Job Description)

1. Serve as the youth Venturing President on the Council Venturing Executive Board

2. Serve as a Non Voting youth member of the Council Executive Board

3. Responsible to the Council Venturing Executive Board Advisor

4. Supports the Venturing programs and activities designated by the Council

5. Attends and participates in Council meetings and activities as requested and approved the VEB Advisor

6. Attends regional, area, and or council meetings and activities when invited and on approval of the VEB Advisor.

7. Assist in council Venturing activities

8. Supports the Council in any effort to train Venturing officers and Advisors.

9. Serve in a leadership role for any Council event as assigned by the VEB Advisor and Venturing staff.

10. Agrees to wear the official Venturing uniform and identity items

11. Agrees to resign from office if requested by the Scout Executive

Candidates must submit name and bio to the Council office addressed to Council Venturing Committee by November of each year

The Council Youth Venturing President will be selected by the Council VEB and the Council Venturing Chairperson and the Venturing Staff Advisor with approval by the Scout Executive.


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While I don't spend a lot of time at these exalted levels, I must take exception to the under 22 part of that; thought on one's 21st birthday that they were to fill out an adult app and be welcomed into a new crowd.


The other thing that jumps out; not so sure of the dedication that I'd expect from a youth (or an adult for that matter) that was asked to 'agree to resign upon request' While it sort of goes without saying, that #11 seems just a little blunt.


And would have to agree that having this presented without some Venturer input and involvement in the creation is asking a bit much as well - but doesn't anybody on the office side work with these mysterious youth? They're capable of lots more than blind obedience...

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Wow! I missed the line about resignations the first time I skimmed throught the post. That seems rather onerous. I guess we all serve at the pleasure of the Scout Executive, but frankly I reserve the right to go kicking and screaming.


I had never even heard of this position before I read this post, so I obviously don't if the job description is official. But just that language makes me wonder if it hasn't been at least amended locally. I've never heard anything like that in any other job description.

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This is an actual leadership position for youth members of the Venturing program for each level (unit, district, council, region, and national). (This position is also open to Sea Scouts and his/her title would be Council Boatswain)


For requirement number 4, the age set by national is the running canidate must be under 21 during the term of office.


Each term of office (President, Vice President-Program, Vice President-Administration, Secretary, Tresurer) is for 12 months, however, it may be shortened if the officer is elected to a regional position; or if removed by the Scout Executive and Advisor. The Scout Executive (or Venturing Director), Council Venturing Advisor, and Council Venturing President makes the Council Venturing Key-3. Each council determins the term period for council officer positions.


For regional positions, a Venturer does not have to have previously held a council officer position. Starting this year, National Presidents are selected from the exsisting Regional Presidents.


Each council should have an active Venturing Officers Association (VOA), Teen Leaders Council (TLC), or Venturing Executive Committee (VEC). If not, organize one by inviting all crews & ships (older Boy Scouts who have completed your council's JLT or national JLT and Explorers are also welcome if alowed by your Venturers) and get your youth involved. Invite your Regional President to help with starting your VOA, TLC, or VEC and get active or other local councils to help you in getting yours active.


Hopefully this helps in getting yours started.


West is Best!



P.S. Happy Anniversary! Venturing is 5 years old today!

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Number 10 on the qualification list should tell you that it isn't a national job description. There is no official Venturing uniform. The green shirt, polo shirt, an gray shorts are options and perhaps that what the author of the job description intended.


The thing may have been born out of a cookie-cutter one in the council guide to administering Venturing, but the one posted here seems to be local.



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Any Venturer can apply and run for office for any officer position as long as they have met the minimum requirements and have submitted the application form by the council (or regional/national) deadline.



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