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Can a unit switch districts

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Districts are administrative divisions of the Council. The council can organize them pretty much as it sees fit. We used to have non-geographic districts which covered the entire council for programs like ScoutReach and Exploring which overlaid the traditional, geographic districts.


Since the council can do as it pleases, yes, they could move a unit from one district to another. But I'd guess it would require a dang good reason. I doubt very seriously "They have a better program" or "Our DE is a jerk" will cut it.

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There is no such thing as being a "member" of a district. Districts are geographic sales territories of district execs who raise funds through membership drives, popcorn, and friends of scouting campaigns. The district committee is there to appoint people to offer training, chair events, etc. The commissioners are there these days to help you recharter (membership).


You can totally ignore your district. You don't need to officially switch. Your district is just something offered to you as a unit leader. If you don't like it, and your fellow leaders agree that the district leaders are dorks, then simply ignore their communications, cease attending their events, and stop supporting them entirely. There will be no consequences.


If you like another district's events, go there. You will not get support from their commissioner staff or committee, but if you are an experienced unit leader, you will not miss it and may find this situation enjoyable.



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Problem with your scenario is that when you do need support, it may be challenging to get it since 1 DE may not hlep since you are not officially in the district, and the other may not help since you do not participate in the district. Shuold it happen like that, no, but reality.


Yes you can talk to the council to change districts, but better be prepared to explain why. We have 2 towns in another county that are in my district. The leaders way back when asked to be moved to our district b/c they had to go through the town where all of our meetings are in to get to their old district's functions.

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You need to think along the lines of what services the District offers your unit?

As has been posted most of the time Districts follow some kind of geographic line.

As a rule this is done so that Commissioner staff are people who are people who come from that area, DE support for things like School Sign Up Night and other events are done locally.

Back when I was District Chair. We had a Troop that was on the boundary line of another District. Their adult leaders seemed to think that we did things better than the District they were in and that our guys were more friendly toward them than the guys in their own District.

They started attending events that we offered. Our training's and Camporee.

They still belonged to the other District, so all funds from FOS, pop-corn sales and all members were credited to the other District. All information other than what our Chairs decided they wanted to send them came from the District they were in.

When it came to the Jamboree, their Scouts were not allowed to be part of the Troop that our District sent.

When they won some of our District competitions, some of our Scouter's and Scouts started to question if allowing them in was really fair?

I'm not sure if their CO knew or cared? About what they were doing.

Of course as they were part of the other District their COR was never invited and could never really be part of our District Committee.

While turning your back on a District is one thing. We had Troops who wanted no part in just about anything the District did.

Switching Districts? Is something that would need to come from the CO and be gone over with the SE.

Most DE's that I know would be very unhappy to lose a unit from their District.

It's not something that a Troop or Pack could do without the input of the CO and there would need to be a good reason and not too many geographical challenges.

Most Councils would strongly discourage it.


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If you are a very experienced leader, you will never need help from the district. Any help a DE, commish, or committee person might offer is probably not going to be helpful. It's just going to be nagging.


The biggest help a district leader can provide is when there is internal unit conflict. A very experienced leader in a pack or troop generally eliminates this because the others do not see them as an equal and they heed their direction and advice. Units blow up when no one is in there that is a long time scout/scouter.


And it isn't like district leaders are trained negotiators, arbitrators, or mediators. Usually they are like a cashier at home depot or something like that. If you are a professional doing scout volunteering at night, and you call in the district for help, you're either going to be yelling or walking away shaking your head later.


District leaders are impressive to newbies, peers to the intermediates, and inferior to going it alone for the advanced.(This message has been edited by bsa24)

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Why does it need to be an official kinda thing???


Like the other roundtable better?????? then Go


Like the other district camporees Better????Then go


Like the others fundraising????? Do it



If you feel obligated have the other districts FOS guy do the presentation and give them the money.



This is coming from a fellow has been doing this for years....

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