Yah, hmmm....   So I confess I lost track of this effort in our region, so da link that got posted was new to me.   Holy Smoke!   That didn't take long.   For those new hereabouts, 9 out of 11 councils in Central Region Area 2 (Michigan) voluntarily dissolved/merged into a new state-wide council called Michigan Crossroads. There was a big heavily promoted push for this, though as close as I could tell from readin' da proposal it was mostly fluff. Lots of promises without much of a real plan. Since then, they've created 4 "field service councils" (apparently sort of like big districts) which are subdivided into regular districts. I couldn't much figure out what da point was, other than a really elaborate way to sell camps.   It's been about 10 months since da merger was voted on, and I guess they now have the camp plan that Eagle732 linked to in da other thread. Here it is again: http://www.bsaswmc.org/downloads/2013%20Camping%20Update%20-%20September%2010%202012%20%282%29.pdf   By my count, they are closing 8 out of 12 Boy Scout camps, and 8 out of 13 Cub Scout camps, on top of three camps that were shuttered this past summer. They aren't doin' this gradually, they're actually dumping hundreds of troops that had reservations for next summer at camps that are shuttin' down.   From da read of it, at least three seem to be settin' up for immediate sale by shutterin' completely. Why anybody would try to sell camp properties in this economic environment is hard to fathom, but I guess they need money for all da new executive positions they're creatin' to manage fewer lads.   There's no doubt given da economic situation and population declines over that way that a bit of consolidation was in order, but this is just staggerin'.   Anyone in Michigan have an inside story?   Beavah