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Term lengths for Executive Board Members

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West Central Florida tends to only have 2-term Council Presidents. The remainder of the Executive Committee isn't that defined. I am currently serving my 3rd year as VP or Program. I would gladly hand it off this year if we could find and train a replacement. As soon as I took the job, I started looking for my replacement. I don't think people should have the same job for more than 3 years. Learn the job the first year, perform the job the 2nd year and train your replacement the 3rd year.


We have had folks serve as a VP for many, many years. Largely because no one else wanted or could perform the job.


I wish it was as easy to replace Scout Executives as it is board members.

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In Patriots' Path Council (NJ), most major positions are limited to a three year term. By major I mean President, Council Commissioner, VPs, council committee chairs, district chairs, and district commissioners. I'm not sure about DOC positions.



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It's kind of a silly situation.

All volunteers serve from year to year.

Our Executive Board are nominated by the nominating committee and can serve form year to year.

Council Presidents and District Chairs in our Council serve a 3 year term.

Council and District Commissioners do not have any term limits.

District Commissioners are selected by the Council Commissioner and voted in by the Executive Board.

Of course if it becomes clear that someone isn't working out the easy way of having them step down is not to place their name on the charter when the time comes.


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I would expect terms for the volunteers running the council at the top will vary by state among other things. Some states may have their own rules about non profit corporations that the state charters. More likely terms are governed by the corporations' own bylaws. BSA national probably has expectations about what will go into bylaws, but I would not expect standardization across councils.

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