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not (?) a camping troop?

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LauraT7 --


I didn't see anyone address your concern about earning the Camping MB. The requirements do not say the campouts must be with a troop. The only specific thing mentioned is the one about summer camp. There are also 2 specific jobs that they must do on campouts (their choice). My son got credit for family camping as well as troop camping when he worked on this. So this badge can be earned with little or no troop camping. Of course, I have to wonder how much family camping these guys are doing if they don't like camping as a troop...

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Air conditioned dining hall? Where? Sign me up!


Even if the Scouts do their own cooking at camp, does the camp provide the food? If so, how can the Scout do the menu planning, costing, and shopping experiences?


Sounds fishy to me. I have a feeling that these "non-camping" troops might just sign off on things saying, "We don't do that."

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Bob White

I have brought up the requirements that can be signed onthe weekend campouts. I have also brought up the OA camping requirements and the Camping MB. They act that do not care about camping.

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BTS, you know there comes a time when you might just have to move on, Go to another troop that does camp or start a new troop. I will bet that if you start a troop that camps a lot you will pleasantly surprised how fast it grows.



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This thread does make me ask why do Scouts Camp?

When I was a young Leader, the troop was happy to camp just to get away from town and live in a tent away from it all.

We were good at it.

The Scouts were proficient at cooking over an open fire, and as we had Troop meetings on Friday night then took off for camp, they got really good at setting up their patrol sites in the dark.(That might have something to do with me always getting lost, in the Sout van.)

As time went on, we still had camping trips that were just to camp and prepare for our district Camp Craft Comp. But most of the time we camped because it was a cheap way of being near something that we wanted to do.

At times we camped in some strange places one night in the parking lot of a small country pub comes to mind.

I would think with a little "Imagineering" It wouldn't be hard to find activities that the PLC, might want to check out even if it did mean the odd night in a tent.

Not that sleeping in a tent is the be all and end all of what we do.

In fact listening to some of the guys that I camp with snore, is enough to send anyone to the Holiday Inn and them to Motel 6.

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I think that in the future Scouting will have something like the video game The Sims. Let's call it The Scouts.


Real Scouts will have virtual Scouts that they manipulate through advancement. There won't be any camping and troop meetings will be a bunch of Real Scouts at their laptops networked into the National Scout Simulation.


As the Virtual Scouts earn their ranks, the badges will be ordered automatically through Amazon.com and FedEx'ed directly to the Scout's home. Courts of Honor will be on-line, that is, virtually.


Just imagine, no heat, no humidity, no bugs, no dirt, no smoke in the eyes, no misty dawns, no herons swooping across still waters, no wind rustling through pine-scented air, no crackling campfires where you can see your very soul in the embers, no satisfaction at the end of a long day of a job well done, ahhhhh, won't it be great!



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