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extortion or common practice

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Oh, I did not give up the position of District Training Chair to go BIGGER.. I frankly gave it up to give my son a district position.. I would be happier going smaller, but I am definatly more prone to the program side, (fun stuff)..


I really don't want anything that the performance of the job denotes either the DE's salary, or if he is fired.. I don't volunteer for that type of pressure.. Although the last few months have also seen some pressure put on the program side.. Something about the District Journey to Excellence has to be up, or the DE may get the boot too. So far no one can give the District Committee Chair the numbers he is looking for though as the dismal Scout computer system is not designed to spit the information out..


I did try to join a Pack for a short time, but was very much an outsider. Maybe because I had no kids in the program, don't know, but I tried for about 6 months, then just quietly faded away as that being a dismal failure..


So here I sit on District committee.. Can't sit here doing nothing.. I debated going to Unit Commissioner, but I may be too opinionated to do well there.

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Like it or not.

There is in most Districts an "Expected" level of donation.

If you are wise, you will not allow yourself to be drawn into this, what can only be called fools errand.

A few pages back I gave an outline of why I think pestering our volunteers for money is worthless waste of time.

If you really want to make a difference join the District Finance Committee and set about making a list of people who can and might be willing be donate large amounts of money.

Do not share this list with the DE or any of the pros. Do not mention James E.West.

Ask the DE what the District Goal total is.

After you have your list select who will do the "Ask"

Think big.

Not so long back a little fellow from my church stopped by saying that the church needed help paying to heat the church and the school, he asked for $50.00.

I gave him what he asked for, but if he'd asked for $1000.00 I still would have given him what he asked for.

If you can bring in the money that meets the District goal without having to pester the District volunteers then you will be a real hero!


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Sorry, I don't swim with any big fishes.. I have told our DE that Finance is not at all the place for me to be.


When I was a Woodbadge Scribe and learned something of the Scribes duty was to find someone willing to donate 60 2 inch three ring binders, I knew of one place only and was very uncomfortable asking.. And yes thinking small, I looked for the cheapest set of binders on the internet, and asked for them.. The buisness themselves pooh-poohed me and went out and bought the ones the best on the market..


I know the owner also already is one of the Districts big sharks.. Very, generous to Scouting in many ways, so I also knew asking did not kill the FOS donation for that year.. Still asking made me nervous..

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You bring two of Donald's three nephews as "muscle"? Wouldn't Goofy be more imposing? At least he's a lot taller. If you can just get him to knock off the silly laugh.

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