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Appointing Volunteer Council Leaders

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Current Council-level volunteers ... not trying to be a smart-alex or anything - just my practical experience. And the pros have a huge influence as well. (SE, ASE/DSE, DFS, aka "Top Hands")

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Board members, professional staff, district chairmen, to some extent DEs. I have held a couple (short term) council volunteer positions.


I've been pretty active on the district level, and consequently attend a lot of council committee meetings, activities, etc.


What council work I have done, I'm pretty sure I got recommendations from other district volunteers or whatever professional was serving the district at the time. I'm almost certain my Philmont faculty position required a recommendation from the DE.


Being successful in a district volunteer position (e.g. being a really effective District Commissioner or Training Chair), plus running some council level events (Commissioner College, Powderhorn, NYLT or WB) will get you considered for being head of the corresponsing council position.


OTOH, some positions need a community leader. The council community Friends of Scouting guru is an example - a prominent business person with name recognition can help bring in the $$. Similarly board members are often community leaders, as a means of reaching out the community.

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Not sure what positions you are talking about?

The Vice President for Program is supposed to have the last word when it comes to that area.

In some Councils many of the people who fill these positions also serve on the Council Executive Board, that isn't the case in the Council I'm in, which I think is a mistake. It means that most of the Board have little or no knowledge of what Scouting is really about.

The Council President and VP's go through the BSA nominating committee process, which I think is a bit of a joke.

The people who fill the program positions are normally people who have at the District level proved that they can do a good job and also have the ability to get along with and serve others.





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Depends on the position. Executive Committee positions are vetted by our Council nominating committee. I serve as the VP of Program and am responsible for recruiting camp directors, training chair, camping chair, etc. I have more available opportunities for leadership than I do volunteers. I do discuss these decisions with my staff adviser and the Scout Executive.


I'm an usual choice for a VP position since I am not a heavy financial contributor. I have always been involved with troop, district and council level events. Even as Program VP, you'll find me emptying the trash, clearing a trail or whatever else needs to be done. I don't consider myself different now even if I do serve on the Executive Committee.

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