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Does anyone out there keep their copies of their council's annual reports?


Does anyone out there ever compare membership totals from year to year?


Does your council have a substantial learning for life program?


I have noticed some interesting membership fluctuations in my own council particularly in the learning for life program whenever the council gets a new SE

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Well, I do have various data points on my council's membership for various years. The Learning for Life program is very much a come-and-go kind of thing. I don't know how they really track "members". The reports mostly focus on traditional membership, and I'm fine with that.

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Here is the challenge to my fellow Scouters in the country:


If you keep your annual reports from year to year; and your council has a substantial LFL program; compare the LFL membership from year to year. There should be a steady gain in LFL membership every year. (In some cases, the LFL membership outnumbers the traditional membership totals).


When your council gets a new SE because your last SE retired or got a promotion, are there any serious drops in LFL membership on the first or second annual report with the new SE? You may be surprised at the numbers you find.


Now some councils are nice enough to post their annual reports online, some have archives going back a few years.


I am just curious if anybody else out there takes the time to actually check the membership numbers from year to year. I do.



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