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FOS at Eagle Court of Honor

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I could see a few well placed donation cards to see if any out of town relatives, teachers or big wigs in the community that come out to eagle court of honors would donate.

but they'd need to be very inconspicuous and in good taste, a little brochure and no in person soliciting of any kind.


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There might be a tactful way to do that, but a typical FOS presentation doesn't strike me as appropriate.



So let me ask what methods MIGHT be appropriate for soliciting contributions?



Leaving flyers in the back has been suggested.


How about a display board of some kind with brochures in front? Suppose the DE stood in front of the display board prepared to answer questions?


Suppose the DE were to invite FOS contributions when socializing with people at the ECOH?


Of course the DE should get permission from event leaders before doing any of these things.



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No doubt the DE is under a lot of pressure to get out and talk to all units. For him (her?) this simply an opportunity to reach a bunch of folks.


But as others here have posted, an FOS presentation at an Eagle COH is wrong. It's too bad the DE does not have enough sense to understand that.


Abel Magwitch - I know it will be hard, but you have to call the DE and state in very clear terms that there will be no FOS presentation at this Eagle COH. If you do not, the DE will be compelled to take full advantage of the situation. An Eagle COH 100% about the Eagle - nothing else.


Under great pressure from the district a few years ago we succumbed to an FOS presentation at our Troop Anniversary party. Our Troop is borderline urban/suburban with a lot of low income families that can barely pay the registration fee, let alone summer camp, and certainly not and FOS contribution. It was uncomfortable as the stock FOS presentation seemed to be aimed at those with a disposable income that needs a place to go -- something no one in our Troop has. We all decided that's it, never again.


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With permission of the SM and/or CC at a regular COH, not a problem, but at an ECOH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!


Was you DE ever involved in Scouting as a youth?


Trust me there is a lot of pressure to make your FOS goal, esp in today's economy, BUT AT AN ECOH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (Caps to emphasize my disgust, not screaming)

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Yah, this is where da pressures of corporate scoutin' lead to behaviors that are embarrassing in terms of character and values.


I'm not fond of soliciting funds at any award ceremony. Whether it's B&Gs or COHs or ECOHs or Silver/Ranger/QM presentations, it doesn't matter. Yah, yah, there's always a temptation because it's a "captive audience" event with high attendance. That's why we call it "temptation". Yeh show strong character and values by resisting that sort of temptation. Those ceremonies should be about the kids.


Honestly, I think da practice loses as many (bigger bucks) donations as it manages to capture. Donors, especially major contributors, don't like to be ambushed at such events. It leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth.


So Abel, I think it's an act of kindness to explain to the DE that it's tacky and not in keepin' with scoutin' values to solicit at an ECOH, and if that's his intention then he is not welcome. But DEs being young fellas, yeh might suggest some other time when he can come for a presentation, or yeh might counsel that if he were a wise young fella he'd use the opportunity to meet people and make contacts, which then he might follow up with at some later date.


That's the way yeh really get dollars from folks, eh? By building relationships honorably, not by ambushing 'em at a kid's ceremony.




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Pressure from the corporate types aside, an ECOH, B&G, or any other significant event is NEVER the proper time for FOS. As a former DE myself I was invited to many ECOH's, usually to take part in the ceremony and would never have even thought of doing an FOS talk.

Besides if the DE is worth their salt their FOS campaign would already be organized with volunteers doing the unit pitches while the DE concentrated on the community/corporate campaign. This incident was just in bad taste and that DE should never get invited to any unit celebration again.

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