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When was the last time you had contact with your Unit Commisioner?

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I have never known of a Unit Commissioner being assigned to our troop, and I have been involved with the troop for about eight years. There is a Unit Commissioner who has a son in our troop, but for that reason he is not assigned to our troop. What he does with "his" units, I am not sure. I do know that he helped our CC with some paperwork once. We did have a visit from our DE to a committee meeting about a year ago, I think she was just making a "tour" of the units as she basically just observed and did not say much. I think she had been in the job for only a few months at that point. Other than that, aside from FOS presentations, I am not aware of any "visits" from district-level persons to our unit. There may be communications going on through other means, but I am not aware of them and doubt that they occur on any kind of a regular basis.

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You're in the Rheingold District.


If you do not have a Unit Commissioner assigned, your UC is the District Commissioner. His name according to the website is Grant Hamberg, but there's no auto-email.


Your District Chair is Dave Hulteen, filofox@critternet.org, and your DE is Brian Raymond, brian.raymond@tac-bsa.org.


You might ask the other two of the Key 3 for assistance.

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