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Cradle of Liberty contains Philadelphia and environs


Possibly the Susquehannock Council name was shot down because Susquehanna Council in Williamsport, Pa already had a Susquehannock District. And Williamsport is 110 miles from York as opposed to Piedmont California being 2,683 from Gastonia, NC (Council HQ Address)

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Sounds like some transparency was in order. "They had picked a name" but didn't say what it was? C'mon.


We recently realigned districts and had a two-step naming process. First, each unit submitted two names (ostensibly picked from names suggested by the Scouts - at least that's what our pack did). District staff and volunteers did narrow down the list of names based on common sense, but presented a LONG list of names for the entire district to vote on. Every registered youth or leader had one vote. The name with the most votes won and was announced immediately.


And yes, I do prefer Keystone to New Birth of Freedom, but joining two councils is surely not an easy process, and it's hard to tell one council to accept the other's name just because it sounds better. A new name, however unwieldy, can be a powerful symbol of a fresh new start.

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