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MyScouting... really?

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I just need to vent. I'm constantly amazed at how technologically backward BSA is. Our council website says you can go to MyScouting and submit tour permits online. Great! Finally! Submitting documents online! Welcome to the year 2000!!! I'm on MyScouting... Unit Tools... There it is at the bottom of the page. A description of the great feature of submitting permits online. Is there a link to the actual page? Nope! Any clue whatsoever where you can ACTUALLY USE THE FEATURE??? NOPE!!!! AUGH!!!!!!! I'm giving up after half an hour of searching a horribly designed website.


Thank you so much, BSA, for making things so much easier for volunteers to work with you (insert heavy sarcasm here).



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WE have a clean copy of the file saved on my PC.

Then fill in the appropriate blanks, digitally sign and then e-mail to secondary signer's who then forward to our Councils Tour Permit Coordinator who then returns copies to all signers. Print and go.


Not quite what you seem to be thinking but we've been doing it for about six months now and it is working fine and is much easier than the fill out and drive it around model we used to do.(This message has been edited by Gunny2862)

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I have used the online Tour Permit application a few times without any issues. It is not a PDF form though. It is a bit more complicated.


Go to www.myscouting.org and log in.


On the new page, click on "Tour Permits" under the Unit Tools menu. Should be in a grey box on the left side of the screen.


When you do this, a new window should pop open. (You may need to turn your pop-up blocker off). this is the online form for tour permits.


To start a new tour permit, click on "Create" in the top left corner.

Before you do though, it is easier to start entering vehicle and training information to the tabs on the center of the page. Then this information will be accessible to the tour permit when you are creating it.


The thing I like best is I only need to enter my den's vehible and training information once. The new online form creates a database you can manage from permit to permit. Each time I submit a new tour permit, it is just a couple clicks to attach the information.

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or as easy to find as 50 feet of shoreline, 2 gallons of prop wash, 10 feet of fallopian tube, etc etc. And these comments are coming from someone who works with these type of systems daily.

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