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David CO

What does the CO own?

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The CO owns the unit and everything associated with the unit.


The CO is granted a charter by BSA, the unit is a wholly owned department of the CO. They do not operate or exist independently from a Chartering Organization. BSA will terminate your charter if you try to self exist.


Some states may or may not allow you to put equipment in the name of the Troop. But even if it is in the name of the Troop, it doesn't change the fact that the Troop is a "WHOLLY" owned department of the CO.



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Yah, as nldscout says, there's no one true answer here, because circumstances can vary. A bit depends on how the unit and CO are set up; some depends on the law of the state in which you live; a bit depends on the source of the funds and donor intent. Personally I consider da Rules & Regulations provisions to be unenforceable. A bit like the BSA's claims in da Chicago Council fiasco. Yeh can write anything yeh want into your bylaws, but just because you want doesn't make it so.


Practically speakin', the amounts we're talkin' about tend to be too small for anybody to bother to pursue, so odds are possession will determine. The cost of tryin' to sort out such things would vastly exceed the funds or gear in dispute in all but really extreme cases (any units out there own chunks of real estate or have 6-figure bank accounts?).


But if I were to sketch the most likely case, with an incorporated CO, I'd say the CO owns the unit assets. Just da opinion of an annonymous furry critter on the internet, of course.



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