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DE changing dates...

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Eamonn - you describe the definition of insanity - continue to do the same thign and expect different results - right? You are spot on also ad I agree wiht everything you have said thus part of my rub.


Council President lives locally and I go to church with him and used to be affiliated with him in another unit. He knows but I suspect he has relied on the District Key 3 to handle it and I think he will.


Just learned today that the DE may have convinced the new District Chair that this is all a result of the council not supporting us liek other districts - which is totally wrong. Our council, while not perfect, does make everything available to each district in a fair and equitable manner.


I'm interested to see how this goes over when the District Chiar mentions this - may help solve some issues. Ultimately, the DE has to stop over promising and under delivering.

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I think not only has the DE got to do his job, but the volunteers do need to do their job.

Members of the District Committee (I'm thinking mainly of the Activities and Camping Committee.) Must know that something just isn't right.

While maybe in the past a DE might well have taken care of things? And might well have done a good job? It would however seem from what you have posted that this is no longer the case.

People who are selected to chair activities need to be making reports to the District Committee and the District Activities Chairman, he or she needs to be talking with or communicating with the District Chairman, who should be holding regular District Key 3 meetings.


I'm very good at covering my own tail!

I bet if I were the DE, I'd be looking for ways of having other people make the decisions when it comes to changing dates. I'd be explaining to others where the equipment they needed was and how to go about getting it.


In the District I serve. (Right now as Membership Chairman) we have a new DE.

A super nice young fellow.

If he has a fault it is that he fails to communicate.

I now when I call him on the phone leave detailed messages of when I will be home to expect his call.

I ask for receipts on all my emails and tell him that I expect an answer within 24 hours.

I also send him a DVD of Cool Hand Luke.

He is getting a lot better.

I also copy the District Chairman on everything.


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There is a problem with changing dates for events. People who are planning to attend a Scouting event typically have to schedule the rest of their lives around it. When you change the date, you've just undone all of those arrangements.


There is definitely an opportunity for coaching and learning here. It should probably happen after one of these events tanks because the DE has outsmarted himself.

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First of all as an ex DE I think Eamonn, and other volunteers are under the erroneous impression that the DE works and reports to his district volunteers, which is plainly false as the DE is solely responsible to the SE on all matters. He is commissioned by the National office to promote and grow scouting under the auspices and plan of the council exec and nothing more. He is not required to answer written or phone summons by volunteers. That said it sounds like this DE is interferring in areas of responsibility of district volunteers. The only time a DE needs to become in district activities is when it involves council property that may not be available on the date desired, other than that the district volunteers have their jobs and the DE has his.


Eamonn calls the DE's work life poppycock, well Eamonn try answering and dealing with problems all hours of the day and night from irate volunteers complaining about den leaders , scoutmasters, scout leaders having affairs, and other trivial things that are not even a DE's responsibility. Yes it is part of the job but putting up with over demanding and overbearing volunteers is not. Why do you people think you get a new DE every year or two anyway? Less than 10% stay in the profession over five years, and they are usually the ones who get promoted out of district work. Eamonn, you constantly complain about several of your current and formal DE's, did you ever think that you might be part of the problem?


I know that there are a lot of bad DE's out there but if you have a good one treat them right and they will want to stay with you for 3-5 years or more instead of wanting to get the hell out from the first day.(This message has been edited by BadenP)

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I want my DE to either be a source of information or able to direct me to the answers.



If he wants to add 'planning' to 'knowing, or knowing what he doesn't know' then he needs to remember that he is planning for the Boys (and by extension, parents)


If the DE in question changed dates because the SE told him too, he should share that info.


If he is in over his head, he should know who to go to for help treading water and getting to shore.


For example, I am good at the newsletters, forms, and recordkeeping. I offered to condense files before they went out. I had a DE who sent a very large MS Publisher file to folks on dial up and wondered why they didn't receive it and was upset they didn't forward it to the parents in their units... UMMM...


He should not spend every night away from home unless he spends every day there - I don't believe for one minute they were hired to work 24/7.

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