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District Chairman responsibilities

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I would have to say:


The District Commissioner - helps provide service to the individual units.


District Training Committee Chair -- "gotta get them trained!"


District Advancement Chair - especially Eagle BOR Chair.


District Activities/Civic Programs Chair. (Cub Day Camps Pinewood Derbies, Good Turn For America, Scouting For Food, annual Awards Banquet, etc.)


Also, District Camping Chair (Camp promotions, Camporees, etc.)

and finally,


Roundtable Commissioner(s). Roundtable are a great source of supplemental information, on-going training, and exchange of ideas, suggestions, and thoughts to improve the Scouting program in the individual units.

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Having been a District Chairman 3 different times, I would say the following:


Recruit, recruit, recruit, recruit.


You need to take an accurate assessment of your District Committee, identify where strengthening is needed and get on with it. Ideally you have a solid performer in each job and a backup ready go if something happens to them. Ideally, District level leaders remain in their position about 3 years and then someone else gets a chance at the job. And ideally, there is no double teaming of a Scoutmaster, for example, also serving as Camping Chairman or OA adviser.


Then your job is helping them do their job, seeing that they get training, keeping them happy and productive, etc.


You also get to do fun stuff like showing the flag, presenting Eagle awards, etc.


Each District is different. Your key 3 should meet frequently to assess Your district and see what needs to be done now. But life is so much simpler if you have a full District Committee or close to it.

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Whatever else you do, run a tight ship at meetings. I went to a district committee meeting the other night that was run by the DE since the chairman was ill. It was a total disaster. Three ladies took up the whole meeting, just talking about nothing and the DE never tried to get a handle on it. Everything on the agenda could have been done in 20 minutes and the meeting went on for over an hour.


That kind of thing encourages people to miss meetings. I don't mean to suggest there's no place for banter and fun, but a little goes a long way.

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Thank you everyone for your input. I am meeting with the DE tommorrow to see what is expected of my duty as chairman. To be able to chat with experienced scouters in this forum is priceless!!!!!

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Congratulations on the new position. Best thing I can suggest is borrow your DE's copy of the District Operations Manual, aka "RED BOOK" as it will have descriptions and information not only on your job, but the all the comittees. I believe the book you will want a copy of is entitled "The Distict" and is contained in the redbook. It has the exact requirements for your job, and some general advice.


I also suggest you attend the District Committee workshop that your council offers. 1) it is great training, 2)you make great contacts with other district chairs, and 3) keeps you up to date with what is goign on.



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I was just brought in as a committee member who focuses on Communications. Background wise, younger guy (26) who is very comfortable with technology and finishing a degree in electronic marketing.


I coordinate all of our different communication methods and try to encourage communications between the units and the district in an attractive way - that supplements program or commissioner support.



-Web page

-E-Mail Newsletter

-General Corresponance

-Recording Secretary at the Committee Meetings...

-District Glue - assist whenever and wherever I can.


It's a new position at this point, but it's a logical position in my opinion. Our website is a mess, and we don't have any firm promotional plans for anything.


Contact me if you have any questions. Good luck in the new job!

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Congratulations on your new assignment. May you, your District Commissioner, and your DE serve well together!


Neil and Kahuna both gave great advice. :)


From my observation, you're making sure all the support moving parts move freely, in support of the DE. Look at how well your District is trained. Look at how Activities run (camporees, Klondikes, Pinewood, Scout Shows...). Look at the fundraising (FOS, and especially Community FOS). Look at your chartered partners and your membership levels. Look at Advancement, Cubbing, Boy Scouting, and Venturing.


Lot on your plate? Yes, but finding good people, as Neil said, shares the heavy load! :)


Remember Wood Badge? Develop a vision, develop goals. In your case, you need mutual buy-in from your DE and your Commish. Then give them to your operating committees to make happen.


I've been told some Councils pay to send their Key 3 to Philmont Training Center for Key 3 week. Whether it pays or you pay, take a hard look at doing it, as a team, next summer.


Oh. Attend Roundtable. Know your unit serving Scouters. Listen to them, they're the customer.

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Since our district will have a new chair soon, I'll throw in my two cents.


The Wood Badge advice is excellent. Have a Vision for the district. Second, using the old Wood Badge syllabus, Know and Use the Resources of the Group.


The two primary responsibilities for the district chair are:

Recruitment - Recruitment - Recruitment

Finance - FOS!!!!!!!



Fill your Vice-Chairs with quality people. Find a good or great program person to be Vice-Chair for Program. That person will oversee Advancement, OA, Camping, Religious Awards, District Activities and the like. You will also need a Membership Vice-Chair to organize this area as well as a Finance Vice-Chair to actually run your FOS campaign.


And oh so crucial - a District Commissioner. Your unit commissioners are the main link to the units in your district. They are the best way to get communications to the unit level. You and your district commissioner must be on the same page.


Many of the tasks of the district cross job lines. Work to ensure that the district commissioner and vice-chairs are talking to each other and sharing the load. It all falls under the heading of communications.


Best of luck in a very important and difficult job.







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A lot will depend on where the District Committee is at right now.

A weak committee with only a handful of members will need to be rebuild.

A strong working committee on the other hand will need to focus on the role of the District.


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