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Who is Council Anyway?

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I think what you call these meetings is of little consequence if they are getting leaders together, planning district and council Venturing activities and showing council they are indeed a strong group within the council so they are given council support. One advantage of having these meetings in conjunction with the other roundtable is that there a sense of belonging to the district, and helping Cub and Boy Scout leaders see who and what Venturing is all about. My district, and council have a strong Venturing presense so we never encounter the problem OGE did. Unlike many other councils our Venturing program is thriving, we started off small but not anymore, every crew in council have been in exsistence over 5 years, we even have a former Venturing advisor on the executive board, and he is a great liason for us with council. By the way for you Sea Scouters out there we do several joint activities each year with the four ships in our council and the teens love it.


So who cares what you call it RT, Forum,when it is working right the program will take off and when it isn't supported it will wither on the vine.

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You said the point more eloquently than I. If the information is moving, you could call it anything. If the information isn't moving, it's a challenge needing a fix.


OGE: As you said, we have met the enemy and he is us.

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