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"Us" versus "Them" Another Schism ?

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Coming from the UK and having spend a good many years as a leader in there. I know that a Scouting program can and does work without having the number of pros that we have in the BSA.

The amount of time spent by the pros organizing FOS, Popcorn sales and fund raising events is a lot of time.As is the time and energy spent by volunteers.

While I might well be a few fries short of a Happy Meal? It seems to me that as the membership continues to decline, we have less families supporting FOS Family Campaigns, less popcorn sellers and as local businesses are being replaced by multi-national corporations who if they support Scouting tend to do so at the National level. Something has to give.

When the local United Way announced that the local Girl Scout Council was no longer going to receive funding from them. They packed up shop and were gone! Our "Local" Girl Scout Council now serves an area which covers several states. The one we had served one county! It seems after a quick glance at what Girl Scout pros earn compared to the salaries paid to Boy Scout pros, that the Girl Scouters earn a lot less.

Over the 20 years I've been in the states. I have seen nearly every position in the Service center change: different Scout Execs, different FD, the Assistant Scout Exec, position was done away with, he remained as the LFL Director and DE's have come and gone.

The units that had a good strong program 20 years ago still have a good strong program.

I really don't think that the pros, good or bad make any difference to the program that our youth receive.

As times get tougher they will spend more and more time trying to raise money just so they can get paid!!


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