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DAC Job Description

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Does anyone have a "job description" for the District Advancement Chairperson? Or something similar?


Our Council's DAC's (and there are many in our large Council) have developed their own job desriptions, based largely on their personal interpretation of Scouting goals. Unfortunately, some Ditrict to District inconsistencies seem have popped up and have resulted in some messy situations, especially when it comes to Life to Eagle advancement. The DAC's have very different philosophies and styles, and some appear to have drifted along way from the role that the BSA intended them to fill.


I would be interested to know what other Councils are doing to drive some consistency across Districts in terms of advancement, particularly with how DAC's handle the process of Life to Eagle. Do your Councils have leader specific training for these critical roles?


Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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See BSA Publication "Advancement Committee Policies & Procedures", Publication #33088, latest revision.


Your Scout Shop should have it, or they can order it for you.


As I have found out on this forum, Eagle BOR policies vary from Council to Council, but within a Council, all Districts should be on the same sheet music.

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From the day they are selected, every committee member including the chairman should have a copy of Highlights for the District Advancement Committee #34724. It will save them from wasting time figuring out what their job is and how to do it.

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