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OGE, you get the dime back! ;) Nine current councils:


Connecticut Rivers

Five Rivers

Flint River

Great Rivers

Ohio River Valley

Snake River

Suwannee River

Three Rivers

Three Rivers


Plus 18 merged councils:


Long Rivers (1995)

Four Rivers (1994)

Two Rivers-Du Page (1993)

Two Rivers (1992)

Red River Valley (1974)

Hutchinson River (1973)

White River (1973)

Iowa River Valley (1952)

Fall River Area (1946)

Lost River (1931)

Alton-Wood River (1930)

Red River Area (1930)

Sunflower River 1929)

Catawba River (1927)

Powder River (1926)

Fox River Valley (1925)

New River District (1924)

River Edge (1918)






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Question/Trivia (more of an inquiry)


I have been told that the 17 counties of Chehaw Council (southwest Georgia) were the last place in continental US to be run directly from the National office (not region/section). It was due to a bankruptcy in the early 20s of the old council and that Chehaw council did not form until 1939. The information came from Ralph Ellis one of the first staff members of Chehaw Council and who actually ran summer camp in 1938 for National for the Chehaw Council counties. I have never been able to verify this trivia. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY OTHER PART OF THE US THAT WAS RUN FROM NATIONAL (NOT REGION/SECTION) AFTER 1939?

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I'll have to check. There was a area in Florida that was run from National briefly due to some local problems. Basically, the scouters in one county didn't want to be run by the local council they were assigned to, and really couldn't afford to be their own council.


We did have a period in the 20s or so when a lot of areas in Florida (single counties or large cities) decided to split off an be their own councils, then found out they couldn't do this financial, and wound up re-merging. I wonder if the same thing happened in other states.




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Just over a year ago Mr Williams pulled James J Terry from Kansas City (HOAC) to Irving to be the #4 in National. He is now the Deputy Chief Scout Executive.


Shortly after arriving in Texas, Mr Terry found himself sent by Mr Williams to Atlanta. As you might recall, last year Altanta Area Council had a meltdown. Mr Terry was pushed down as a short term National SE to help get things back in order while that Council Executive Board started a new search.

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