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What is the difference?

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It could be that you didn't specify where in the district committee you would have liked to serve: membership, advancement, finance, outdoors, etc.




They could be filled already by others.


District Member At Large is basically a member of the district with no specific area.

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Okay since this is all new to me. First what is the District AGM? I know I was made Member at Large by my district Executive because I am on the committees for 5 different units and have been asked to sit on Eagle Boards for different 3 districts in our Council. The problem is I was never told what it meant to be a Member at Large. So can you explain in more depth please?

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I have to admit to thinking that something isn't working as it should.

Your involvement at the unit or several units should have nothing to do with your serving at the District Level.

A DE can not make anyone a District Member at Large. It doesn't work that way or at least it shouldn't!!

You really need to get a copy of District Election Procedures (7 30176 34511 6)

The AGM of the District is the Annual General Meeting, this is where Members At Large are normally voted into office.

In a nut shell and you do need to read the BSA material!!

The District Nominating Committee should meet and come up with a list of Officers for the following year.

A vote should be taken to vote the list into office.

The people who are allowed to vote are:

COR's of units in the District.

District Members At Large and Council Members At Large who live within the District.

District Committee members do not have a vote unless they are also members at large.

I'm an outgoing District Chairman my term ends this year. I didn't have a vote my first year, then the Council made me a Council Member At Large which gave me a vote. I don't know if the Council Nominating Committee will offer me a seat on the Council Executive Board, next year or not. This year I will be elected as a District Member At Large.



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It looks like the districts are doing things differently, just as its councils. I was told differently but I believe you are correct. Can't really check to verify things out here due to information, lack thereof. There seems to be a lack of uniformity among districts and councils.


I think the BSA should have an Inspector General section that reports directly to the National President.


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Eamonn, I am sure it went through the proper channels I just know they chose me because I was so involved with other units and being on both the District and Council Training Teams. Could it be that maybe they needed his approval for the vote? In other words they knew I would make an informed vote not a personal one. They just never told me anything about the position.


matuawarrior, I agree with the inspector general although I am sure they have something like that but they probably can't be everywhere and those that are newsworthy get the attention first.

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