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All Councils Map?

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For lack of a better fitting forum, I'll ask the question here. Is there a map available that illustrates all the councils across this nation? I know that with all the recent merger activity it would be out of date pretty quickly, but does such a beast exist?


The reason for my request is to use it for training purposes at both unit and district level. Thanks, Sean in Illinois

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Hi SeanWaiss,


Take a look at this page on the USSP web site: http://usscouts.org/aboutbsa/bsa-map.html


I'm not sure if that will meet your needs, but it is the only map showing all the councils that I am aware of. It is hard to tell how recently it has been updated.


I have trouble finding a good map of our council. So not being able to find a map of all the councils across the nation is no surprise to me. If you find a better map, share the location.


Hope this helps.


Yours Truly in Scouting,

Rick Pushies

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When I started collecting CSPs, I looked for a map of councils with boundaries shown. No such animal, at least outside of the Sanctus Sanctorum in Irving. ;) There are several good regional maps available, and pieces of historical maps. I tried creating one from examining dozens of websites and completed Texas before I gave up.


Here is a list of all councils, effective July 2005:


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