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In need of a shot!!

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I like to think that by nature I'm a happy fellow. I think the world of Scouting,along with the District and Council in which I serve.I never really gave a lot of thought to my style of leadership? I think over the last eight years serving as a District Key3 member, I have tried to rally the people behind/beside me into meeting the needs and goals of the District.

At times my pride and ego have been the driving forces. Making Quality District, has been at times had as much to do with "Beating" the other Districts along with at times the need to "Rub the noses" of some professionals in it.Almost a I'll show you!!

Along with the District hat, I have tried to find something else that is fun, that I wanted to do. Jamboree Scoutmaster or Wood Badge staff member have filled that need.

My on going battles with a Field Director who in my opinion was a twit,did in some strange way make leading the District a lot more fun. I really did have a over whelming desire to rub his nose in it.My being right and him being wrong, my need to keep him in his place,meant that we (The District) had to show that what we were doing was right and worked and everything that he wanted was wrong and a load of twaddle. It worked, we are the most successful district in the Council. I have to admit to really enjoying hearing reports where he came up with some hair brained plan and would inform his staff "Don't tell Eamonn."

We as a family are totally submerged in Scouting. OJ,wants to go as far as he can in the OA. He has his eye on being the National Chief!! I don't know much about the workings of the OA,I have reminded him that he would have to run for Lodge Chief first!! He knows that when it comes to Scouting and participating in any Scout activity, he has our full support. We will make him do his bit, but when it comes to time and cash we will be there for him.

Her Who Must Be Obeyed, while spending most of Her time supporting me and OJ, working in the background; taking messages, getting me to where I'm supposed to be on time!! Is also involved, serving on the Commissioner Staff and has for several years Chaired the Council Recognition Dinner. If I were to be really honest, she knows more about what I'm doing than I do.

When she became ill last year, I had a hard time shifting gears. I wasn't used to being the supportive half of our relationship and I wasn't prepared to have to put her first, before Scouting. It now looks as if this unhappy episode is about over, and while the next few years we will walk on egg shells, the outlook is a good one.Still the past few months have made me sit up and re-examine my priorities.

I have just come home from having my back mended. The Quacks say that in six weeks I will be better than before. I thought I would use the time to really get things sorted out. My District Chairman position expires in 359 days. We are a Quality District, yet again. Plans for 2005 are in good order.The FOS campaign kicks off next week, there are a few soft spots but we are working on them. Sad to say we will lose 3 units and will need to start at least 4 this year. I have two but at this time the other two are not even a twinkle.

Rechartering is going on and I'm waiting to see what the numbers are, so I can gear up for the never ending recruitment.

The 2005 Jamboree Troop, is coming along well. We have a great group of Lads and the leaders are good. Along with the troop there is a big group of adults from both our Council and District as staff members, OJ will be working with this group.

I will as soon as more information becomes available be busy working on the World Jamboree in 2007.

All this stuff going on and yet somehow, I seem to lack the needed enthusiasm's I think that I need to get the job done.

The twit of a Field Director,left in October. As did my right hand-man, who was a female and the best darn DE ever. The Nominating Committee have replaced the District Commissioner. The new guy is a friend of mine. He has never really ever proved himself to be a great leader, but we are hoping that he will understand what Commissioner Service is all about, something the previous failed to really grasp. I really did try to help him, but he was bigger than the program, in fact he was his own program. The new DE seems to be working out OK, I don't have the same friendship nor the same level of communication with him as I did with Pam, our old DE.

It could be that I'm just having a case of the winter blues? But right now I feel that I'm just going through the motions.

While I know this is going to sound juvenile, as things are now I don't have any of my old District Pals to play with!! Some have moved on to work as Council whatevers. Some have decided that they need a "Time Out", they are hiding on a unit charter someplace, not doing very much and some have just quit.

It is common knowledge that our Scout Executive is trying to get promoted out of our Council, this year. We are friendly and get on OK, but we have never became very close. I don't blame him for wanting to better himself,he is closing in on the big 50 and like me is looking at providing enough money for his retirement.

The new Field Director, is doing a good job of avoiding me. He does seem to be cracking the whip and seems to be coming down hard on the DE's. Sad to say he is threatening them, which is no way to get them to perform. Still that is none of my business. I have heard reports about some of the "creative" things that have been done in other Districts in order to make the year end membership goals, but none of this "Creativity" has been used in our District, I don't think they would even try.

Everything in the District restarts next week after the Christmas break. I am going to see if Her That Must Be Obeyed, will give me time off for good behavior to attend R/T as well as a couple of other meetings. Still right now my heart just isn't it.

I could very easily, get through the next 359 days not going above and beyond. But that isn't me and sure as heck isn't me doing my best.

I welcome any ideas that you might have that would help me shake off this feeling of lack luster.





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It is good to hear that HWMBO is doing good, I will say a prayer for her, and for you for a quick recovery.

From your posts here, I think that the district would suffer a set back if you left, from your posts here, it sounds like you keep them on the straight and narrow.

Beside what would you do with all of the extra time?

I applaud all of the volunteers that work at the district level, if I did not have the interactions with the scouts, the adults would drive me nuts.



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Sounds like to me your burnt out. If your doing this stuff ith jambo stuff and possibily whatever other stuff your doing your just causing headches for yourself. Family needs to come first. I think you might need to let go of some of your responsibilites or this next year might be a miserable year for ya.

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It could be that you guys have hit the nail on the head!!

Thank You.

Dealing with Goals, Membership, Finance along with keeping the District on the right track, which means dealing with adults, most of them are great, but we do have our share of lulu's.

It is easy to at times forget who we are doing this all for.

Rarely if ever does anyone phone me to say how great things are going? In fact by the time my phone rings, things are normally in a sad state and these sad states are due to adults who can't play together or people who have not followed the guidelines when they play the game.


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By the following quote, I diagnose the problem you're having:


"Rarely if ever does anyone phone me to say how great things are going? In fact by the time my phone rings, things are normally in a sad state and these sad states are due to adults who can't play together or people who have not followed the guidelines when they play the game.



Don't focus on the complaints and problems. They are mostly distractions.


Follow the advice of the other posters. Go back to the joy your roots in the program brought you.


Look for the good in the youth. You didn't become a leader because you wanted to solve adult problems. They exist. Make no mistake. You can't run away from them, but remember that the problems of the district need to be solved so that the boys -- who are the reason we exist -- can receive the best program possible.


This applies to any leader in the BSA. Do what you need to do, but remember that if it doesn't make the program better for our youth, it isn't worth doing.




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I've seen your posts all over the place, and am very impressed with your dedication and insight into Scouting. I've been ASM for about 18mos now, and will be taking over as SM at the end of this month. I am so unbelievably excited about being the SM, that I just can't stand it!


HOWEVER, I can see how one can step too close to the whirlpool, and get sucked in pretty deep. It looks like you are handling a lot right now, and are not getting the postive feedback you deserve.


You deserve a pat on the back. Hopefully I can do a decent job:


So let me say, that your posts ( though lengthy at times ;-) ), are always informative, to the point, practical, and above all, non-judgemental. I enjoy reading them, and have learned plenty from them.


Thanks for your effort. I agree with Semper...you need a rest...take a vacation from Scouting for a little while and recharge your batteries...














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I suggest you recruit a good Vice-Chair for your District. Get them to take over some of your duties and train them for your position. That will help take some of the load off of your shoulders and help your District to prepare for the time that you will be moving up to Council President!

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