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Council/District Possisions

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Districts (and councils) have four basic functions: Membership, Finance, and Program, and Unit Service. The first three functions are carried out by the district committee. The unit service function is carried out by the commissioner staff. All these functions are staffed by volunteers.


The district committee forms sub-committees. The Membership committee handles membership, Finance committee handles finance, etc. Each sub-committee may form sub-committees. For example the Membership committee may have a Webelos-to-Boy Scouts transition committee, or a new-units committee. The Finance committee may have an FOS sub-committee or an endowments sub-committee.


The Program committee has four sub-committees: Camp Promotion and Outdoor, Activities and Civic Service, Advancement and Recognition, and Training. Those sub-committees may have their own subcommittees. Camp promotion may have a Cub Day Camp subcommittee or Activities may have a Camporee subcommittee.


The Unit Service function includes the commissioner service and Roundtable.


The booklets "The District" and "The Council" have good explanations of the various functions and how they are designed to work.


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There are two types of Council and District Scouters on the volunteer side and then there are professional Scouters most of them have the word executive in their title. The council and district have the same basic top positions called the Key Three the Council has the Council President, Council Commissioner, and the Scout Executive the District has a District Chair, District Commissioner, District Executive.


The Commissioner Corps has direct service to the unit as its goal. The District Commissioner recruits and oversees Assistant District Commissioners, and Unit Commissioners. The Assistant District Commissioners recruits and oversees Unit Commissioners. While Unit Commissioners deliver direct service to units by advising units, keeping an eye on the health of the units, and being a conduit between the district and council with the units. Roundtable Commissioners are appointed by the District Commissioner to run the roundtables. The Council Commissioners advises and directs the District Commissioners and his staff of Assistant Council Commissioners who offer service to the Commissioner Corps by running training of Commissioners, advising of Roundtable staffs, etc.


Both Council and District have a committees. The Council will have Vice Presidents overseeing areas such as Property, Program, Membership, Finance and Advancements. They will also have volunteers to run such things as Popcorn, Auction, Scouting for Food, Council wide Camporee, and other Council wide programs. The Order of the Arrow Advisor also serves on the council board.


The District Committee has chairs for Advancement, Membership, Finance, Program, Training, etc., and then people to head up district camporees, popcorn, Scouting for Food and other district events. The Chapter Advisor of the Order of Arrow also sits on the Committee.

The duty of the Council Board is to oversee all the operations of the Council and the support the Scout program for all the units. While the District Committee supports the unit by overseeing programs at the district level.


The Charter Organization Representatives are voting members of both the Council and the District.


The professional side also has mid-level position, common ones are Field Director -- oversees district executives; Development Directors - - Friends of Scouting, Popcorn , Auction; Camping -- Summer Camps, Day Camps. These are positions depending on the size of the council, its needs and it finances. There are many other names that are used.


You may also have Camp Directors, Camp Rangers, Scout Store Managers and office staff.


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