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Good Quality Photos for Display

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One of my Wood Badge ticket items is to designa nd build a portable, modular display illustration the (4) main program areas of Scouting - Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts and Venturing.


I'm just starting to develop the concept a bit more, but I envision that the display would have, among other things, photos of Scouts in various activities. Althought there are a good number of websites that use photos, these aren't generally good for reproduction at a larger scale. And the originals might be difficult to find.


Does anyone know of a resource for good quality stuff that can be printed 12" x 12" or larger on film for backlighting? I'm not looking for clip art or line drawings.





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This sounds like a GREAT idea!!

Consider putting out the word locally that you're collecting digital photos for the project. The display will communicate your message even better if you can tell the viewers that all of these pictures were taken of local units (and scouts) in action within the last few years. Although the pictures may not all be the high quality you seek, the local relevance will make up for it. Then you can tell the kids that these scouts live right here in your neighborhood and go to your schools -- look at the fun they're having -- you could be with them.

Good luck!

-mike f

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The National Distribution Center (800-323-0732) has available some CD-ROMs that might help. I have not seen them, but maybe your council would have copies you could look at. The price is $23 each.

# AV627A - ScoutShots2: The Historical Collection

# AV629 - ScoutShots 4: The Outdoor Collection Slide Set

# AV630 - ScoutShots 5: Jamboree!

# AV631 - ScoutShots 6: The Venturing Experience

# AV632 - ScoutShots 7: Boy Scouts

# AV624 - Norman Rockwell Paintings Slide Set

# AV633 - ScoutShots 8: The Venturing Collection

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I was thinking along the same lines as Mike F. I personally enjoy taking photos, and have even been published (once :)), so maybe you could find someone in a troop or pack that would do this for you OR even a professional photographer who would tag along to some events and get candids for you. During our day camp, we had a professional photographer who volunteered his time/photos. Also, if you've seen websites whose photos you like, you might want to try contacting the webmaster. Maybe they can get a clearer image with better resolution for you. Another thought: if you happen to locate negatives that anyone might have or digital prints, try having a professional lab technician do the processing. Someone who understands colors can make almost anything look fantastic. Good luck, and great idea!

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Thanks for your interest in this. I haven't really made anymore progress on this one yet. Its on my "long-list" of ticket items for my Wood Badge. I probably won't get serious about working on it for a couple of months yet - with the final project done towards the middle to end of summer.


I failed to mention in my original post that ultimately I plan to make it available for loan to other units in my council. So I hope to do a good enough job that other units will be interested in it.


I'll plan to post something someplace in the future to show the final project.


Take care,


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