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You make it sound as if service to 400 scouting units is not as worhty of recognition as service to a single unit.


Why, as you have implied, would doing service for a council wide area negate the fact that the service was for youth? Do you seriously believe that only unit leaders have direct impact on youth in a community, regardless of that community's size?


By the way please read an actual Silver Beaver Nomination. It is for registered Scouters who do service to youth in their community. It states nothing about the service haveing to be for scouting, just to youth. The same is true of the District award of merit. It is for service to youth in the community.




I will agree there are two things at play, but not two awards. More like two groups of people, those who understand the requirements and those who do not.

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Okay, for the third time: consideration for district and council awards should not be limited to volunteers who serve at the district and council level. Or as I said earlier, if there are 5,000 volunteers in a council, any one of those 5,000 who have demonstrated exemplary service to youth (yes, I understand "youth" not just "Scouts") should be considered. It stands to reason that a council volunteer who serves 400 units would be included in that consideration.


My whole point is to include volunteers at ALL levels in consideration for an award. I'm not sure why you keep trying to distort my position to be that I want to exclude council-level volunteers. If you're bent on arguing that point, perhaps FOG will oblige.

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The Silver Beaver can be given to ANY Scouter at ANY level of Scouting. Like Bob posted, the main componont is service to youth. Scouting is only one part. If a Scouter is only involved in Scouting & does no other youth related work then this Scouter might be passed over for a Scouter who is involved with youth in his community. It is more than just Scouting!


Ed Mori

1 Peter 4:10

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