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Learning to communicate with the pros

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I've had some major frustrations in the past year, but I've been pleased to see that when I take time to communicate (1) the frustration to the appropriate people in a calm way, and (2) send thank you notes often to acknowledge simple as well as big helps that I'm getting to know the pros so much better. It's nice to see that we have really good people in place, most very helpful, and that once you know what to expect, who to talk to, how long to wait for a response, and the like that a nice solid relationship begins. I have vented here and questioned here about how to get along with district and council volunteers and pros alike (particularly the pros--they're harder to get in touch with), so I figured it was only fine to sing their praises too :) Yes, I do still have some problems, particularly relating to records, but overall, with a little time, a lot of patience, and a willingness to acknowledge and thank others for what they have done, things get better. Thanks to the many here who have advised me on who to talk to about what as well as providing some insight to the professionals' roles.

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