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Dave where do you find the time?

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It takes alot to admit when one is at fault. I give credit to you there. This is one Scouting Site that is unlike others on the web. Most posters have already posted what I would have said anyway.


Like many posters, Dave not only has helped Scouters, Scouts, Venturers in the mainland but many others in the world.


I pray that you'll be able to help us volunteers on the Forum when we need answers to some of our professional type questions.


With that said, here's my personal welcome to the Scouter Forums. The Cyber Scout campfire. Pull up a log, grab some marshmellows, have some hot chocolate and lets talk Scouting.


Dave, Everything okay? It's all cool, yeah. So lets do the Cyber High Five and somebody pass me the marshmellows.



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Let me welcome you to the fire and extend my appologies for the FOS crack earlier on this thread.

We're like family here and now your one of us :)

Hope all is well down South...I wish I was back down in the Southern region now...It's cold up here.




Cary P

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Welcome to the forum. -9F here this morning.


I hope you and Dave were able to talk off line. I know a little about Dave's council and know he could have raised probable twice the amount of his goal and it wouldn't have made a differance. This has been coming for 10 years.

Enough said. Again, welcome to the forum.



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Dittoes to what matuawarrior said - I can't improve on that.


While forgiveness isn't "in my lane" on this issue (that's between Dave and you) I can certainly take someone at their word. I therefore offer my hand in fellowship and say "Welcome to the campfire".


Now, who has the marshmallows?!

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Thank you for the apology. It is accepted and appreciated.


Welcome to the forums. Now that there are more of us here, perhaps we can help make things easier for all concerned. There are good people on these forums and I enjoy finding out what's on the minds of volunteers around the country (on and off the mainland.)


Sometimes we learn stuff here from the volunteers -- like the fact that I had no idea that National can issue another Eagle Scout certificate. I haven't had a chance to look into it, but it does make me wonder what I ever did with mine.


Anywho -- welcome.



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Dave, if you know a member of NESA, the quarterly Eagletter always has order forms for replacement Eagle "credentials". They now have plastic wallet cards, too. I think you'll have to settle for current signatures, tho.

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