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Calling All The Angels

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Ok I have just finished a posting which was way too long about the quest for Quality District.

As I went to refill my coffee cup I was hit with this. Just a thought.

For a number of years I served as a District Commissioner.

Over these years I spent a fair amount of time recruiting and training a commissioner staff.

When it came time to explain "What a Commissioner is?" I used to use the term "A friend of the unit."

As I went for his last cup of the night I thought that maybe a Commissioner might be viewed as a Guardian Angel.

Having been raised in the catholic church and had the catechism almost pounded in to me ( God Bless Sister Mary Matthew.)I was given to believe that each and everyone of us has a Guardian Angel.

He or She is there to help out and will if asked help us to reach the right choice but never interferes.

It is late now. So I will sleep on this one. But I have to admit that I kind of like this idea.

Please feel free to add your two cents.


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