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District/Council Activites -VS- Troop Activities

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The PLC makes the decision. District/Council events should be considered but if the PLC doesn't want to go, you don't go!


I might be wrong but the Troop Committee doesn't approve events the PLC decides to do.


Ed Mori

1 Peter 4:10

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I'll field the questions (as re-itereated one-by-one.)


They are:


So, to repharse the questions


"1. What should be said about District/Council events coming first and the fact that the District/Troop leader said that the troop is there to support the District.


2. The troop going without "approval" from the committee


3. The adult leaders who are worried about the outcome of tonight's Committee Meeting because of comments made by the District/Troop Leader and our COR, his mother. "


1 -- The Troop does not exist to support the district. The district/council exist to support the troop. If the event supports the troop (most do) the event should be considered. Yes, units/troops do help the district, there's nothing wrong with that, but the bottom line is that question -- is the troop better off by it's participation than without it?


2 -- A tour permit is required for the troop outing. That tour permit must be signed by the tour leader and by a member of the troop committee. It does require committee approval, regardless of the vote of the PLC. I'm as much on the side of the PLC as any guy -- I think it's the troop committee's job to make possible what the boys decide they want. However, if the boys end up convincing a committee member to sign a tour permit against the wishes of the troop committee, that signer (committee member) needs to understand that they are taking on the liability for that trip. My advice is to get the committee behind you or listen to what it (collectively) says.


3) The committee members who are worried about tonights meeting are not your concern, Hotdesk. They'll have to work out their distance. If they follow Scoutlike behavior -- as I fully expect they will -- they'll be courteous, kind, and let you know the result, but not the details, of their discussion.




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"I might be wrong but the Troop Committee doesn't approve events the PLC decides to do."


You are correct Ed, you are wrong about that:).


The troop committee should indeed approve the events the troop PLC chooses to do. They have a responsibility to insure the event is within the rules and policies of the program, reflective of the charter organization, and that safety concerns have been addressed.


What the committee should not do is choose the event, that is the PLCs job.


Bob White



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I'm the troop committe chair and the way I see my job is to help these young men achieve the things they want to. If they can dream and plan it, I want to do all I can to help without getting in the way and making "MY" opinion the dominant voice. Sure, they're still kids and need a little help, but that's what the SM and ASM's do on a weekly basis. This sounds like another thread with adults making this a power-play!

more adult training, anyone?




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Ok I admit to not following all the stuff about the COR someones mother?

It has been a long day!!

I have for sometime thought that Councils and Districts have too many activities.

The District that has my services?? Used to have 3 Camporees. A First Aid Meet. A Mall Show. The Council has a Council Event every forth year, the year after the Jamboree.

We have cut the Camporees down to two and have the First Aid Meet at the Mall Show.

When the idea came up there were those who felt that we (The District) were letting the units down, and these events were for some units the only outdoor program offered to the Scouts.

It was pointed out that it is not the job or the role of the District to provide the program. This is up to the unit.

Add to this the fact that we had a hard time finding people that we could ask to volunteer to run these events.

Our District Chair. Has this thing about Not asking unit leaders. He feels that it takes away from the time that they have to be with their unit. He is very hard nosed on this one.

While District and Council events can be fun and do offer an opportunity for everyone to see each other and get to know each other. They should in no way get in the way of the unit program.

This gets us to the unit program.

All the dates of District and Council events are given out a long time in advance.

Sad to say the theme of these events is not always posted.

When the PLC meets at the Annual Planning Meeting, they might decide to pencil it in and see what sort of theme it will be. If it suits them they are of course welcome to attend.

If it doesn't fit that is all well and good.

We as a District are here to support the unit.

We should never ever get in the way of the unit or the program of the unit.

I don't know about the COR and his mum.

But in my book it is "GO PLC GO"


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There are different interpretations of when a tour permit is needed. I was trained that a unit needs to file one whenever it leaves its current meeting place. The council I currently serves requires a tour permit even when the unit is attending a district/council event at a council camp.


The direct policy is printed on the Tour Permit and is found in the G2SS. I don't have either in front of me, so I won't attempt to quote them.



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" was trained that a unit needs to file one whenever it leaves its current meeting place. "


Please excuse me but that's insane. "Hey Mr. SM, I got us VIP passes to the Laker's game on Saturday. Can we take the troop?" "Sorry, no time to get a tour permit." How about "Mr. SM, the pipes broke in the meeting hall, we have to move to the Baptist church." "Sorry, no tour permit."


What is the purpose of the tour permit? There was a myth that insurance wasn't effective without a tour permit but at the last UoS that was shot down.



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"Hey FOG try to keep up, we catholics can eat meat on fridays as long as they are not during Lent"


Remember OGE, a penitential act is still required on Fridays; it's just that we have an option other than abstention outside of Lent. For most, abstention from meat every Friday is probably a good idea.


(I'm a hijacker and I'm okay; I sleep all night and I type all day..)

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This may not make sense to most of you that have to file Tour Permits every month, so try to follow.


Our council has what it calls an 'Annual' Tour Permit. It requires that all vehicle information be on it, the SM and the CC or COR sign it, and that a new one be filed for 'High Adventure'(including all water activities).


So basically a troop in our council can get away with just filling ONE tour permit each year and the Committee still hasn't neccesary approved the calendar.

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