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How to Change Hierarchy Roles

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I asked my quesiton about Scouting Hierarchy to get a feeling for the number of positions and how they get picked, etc. Another thing is the length of time these positions serve.


I thought of this when I saw DenSoCal post.


And I have no reason to beleive he is not an upright, outstanding Scouter, as his district has received 4 honor citations in 7 years.




Should Council or District volunteer positions have a limit? In our council it seems some scouters settle in a position forever, (at least 3 years or more) and only change to take another position. Some do an outstanding job, but others dont. How can you wedge out those who like to talk about the way it was in the good old days while putting down current policies without embarrassing them? I have a few in mind who have contributed much to the program over many years, both through effort and money, but its time for them to let new people in.


I want to respect their past contributions, as the council wouldnt be what it is without them, but also I would like to see some people with new ideas and attitudes as well, any ideas?(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)

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Just as the tenure of an adult volunteer at the unit level is determined by the the Charter Organization, so is the tenure of district and council volunteers. The way to effect change is to get your COR to represent your unit and their needs at the district and council committees where they are the voting members.


Until then you leave it to the DEs to counsel selection committees into the nedded direction.


Anything else would literally require an act of congress.


Bob White

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When I was asked to become our District Chairman, we had 65 units and about 1,200 youth. A month later, it was announced we were merging with another District, and we went up to 2,300 youth and 100 units. We now have over 3,000 youth and 185 units. Typically, our District Chairmen serve for 2 years. Remember, this is also the only elected position a volunteer holds. In my case, every time my time limit was coming to a close, we'd get a new District Executive, and they would ask me to stay on for one more year. Finally, last November, when our newest Senior D. E. came on board, I told him that 2002 would be my last year.

It was not my intention to serve 7 years, but since that is how it worked out, I'm proud of my role in being a Quality District for 4 years straight.

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