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I never go camping without my........

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Swiss Army Tool. The Victorinox version of a Leatherman. I never knew I needed it until I bought it. All tools accessible without opening it. Pliers are the most useful camp tool. Granted, I coped just fine without it and I once fixed, er, "fixed" a coffee pot with a rock but the SAT does a much more "refined" job. The saw is great. I cut a great red maple hiking staff from a fallen tree using the saw. I'd take it to Philmont, except I'd rather carry the two liters of water it weighs instead! For weekend camping, though, I can't beat it.

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kwc they actually dont seem to mind. There is a certain attraction to making a raspberry noise into the thing. They play with it all the time.


Thanks johnsned. Didnt realise that I was speaking double dutch. You should try it from this end. I had to get your handbooks just to get some small idea of what seemed to be very interesting conversations.

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I was going to send this to Ozemu as a private message. But what the heck.

Talking about digereedoos.

To be honest it has been a long time since I had a chat about the olde Digereedoo.

It is a great sound.

Great to sit back with a can of Fosters and listen to the sound track from the Paul Hogen movies.(Not in uniform, not anywhere near youth members or on BSA property)

There was an entertainer Rolf Harris, he was big in the UK, had his own show on the BBC.

He played the Diggereedoo.

Had a couple of hit records with "Two Little Boys" and "Tie me Kangeroo Down"

Is he still around ?

Many, many years back, when I was a Cub Leader in the UK, we made what we were told was an Austrailian instrument.

We got a foot long wooden ruler, drilled a hole at about the three inch mark, threaded a string through the hole and whirrled it over the head. Making sure it wasn't going to hit anyone.

This made a real neat sound.

Have you ever heard of such a thing.

The cubbies just loved it.

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Eammon you are describing a bull-roarer. It is a sacred instrument used in manhood ceremonies etc. Usually at a distance from and unseen by the people. The didge is not such a secret thing. Having said this the bullroarer is common knowledge. Its position and sacredness is not particularly secret but it was not a toy. I do not think anyone would feel offended by your boys making them. A heavier bit of wood would be better. Dont forget that aerofoil trimming of the edges to make it spin. Should really be oval shaped too.


Just finished a camp with cardboard didgereedos. Most kids could get a drone and a squeel within ten minutes.

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I never sleep without teddy, my teddy bare, and Sara, my baby doll, that I never sleep without them in nearly 16 yrs and so when I have gone camping that is the first thing I pack along with cloths.

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Hello all,

I'll have to agree with Hops on the Camelbak Thermobak 3 Liter(but mine leaks at the lid. anybody know what to do about that?), Red feather on the deck of cards( I have Iraqui most wanted cards, big hit with my troop and my COPE class at summer camp while waiting for the bus), eagle90 on the mini mag, and It's trail day on the chess set. I would also like to add...Duct Tape!(wrapped around the mini mag, of course) I didn't make it up, but I still like to say it.. "A true Redneck can fix anything with a roll of duct tape and a pair of vise grips", also known as Alabama chrome and Georgia silver, respectively. (BTW, I'm from Georgia in case yall couldn't tell)

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I'm no expert, but I would say that you arent getting the cap on completely if it leaks. I have not had any problems with mine since I got it in March.

My short list would have to be my Thermobak 3L(olive drab mil-style), little pouch with multitool, MiniMag, headstrap, compass, knife a part of a caribiner, rope, first aid kit, sunglasses, and boonie hat

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