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I never go camping without my........

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you mean you rough it without a DVD player?


seriously - I always have a spare set of clothes and shoes left in the car or bus or trailer - just in case.


We once did a family camping week where it rained - HARD - for 6 straight days. We were up near Watersmeet, on a canoeing trip. no shelter except tents - and they were the old fashioned canvas kind. everything was wet - my tennis shoes were singed on the inside & had "US FOREST SERVICE" melted into the bottom of them from standing on the rim of the firebowls trying to warm up my wet feet. After 5 days of downpour, we gave up, paddled out, and checked into a motel.


Also - i really, really like a sheet liner in my sleeping bag. it feels cooler than the hot flannel lining on a hot night,and not as sticky as nylon, it can be a light cover to keep off mosquitoes, i can drape it over my head to keep the bugs off, wad it up for an extra pillow, it keeps my sleeping bag cleaner, use it to be a ghost in a skit, or a 'curtain', loan it to a boy whose sleeping bag got wet, in winter it keeps the drafts out and absorbs moisture, i can drape it over my face for warmth without moisture accumulating and it dries faster the next day than the sleeping bag.


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1. Cornstarch. Hot and humid climate here.


2. I read on these boards a suggestion for a fleece sleeping bag and have traded the threepound "three season" bag- four down here - for a teeny, cuddly Coleman fleece bag. Fantastically comfortable from too-warm-to-sleep till early-am brrrr, will add it to the regular one as a liner in the cold. Bonus is that it, with my camping pillow, will actually fit IN my backpack with a couple of days worth of clothes. Easier to wash too. Wonderful, wonderful. Thanks a million to whomever said it. I'm hoping they go on sale soon so I can hook up the rest of the family.



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A hitch in your gitalong!


I have a crick in my gettyup. Cant stand taking pain killers though. Use a walking stick instead. Actually a walking didgereedo! Keeps me entertained during rest stops. Note - me entertained. I think everyone else cringes.

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My daughters pillow. We worked out a deal a few years ago where I would take something of hers so she could feel included on troop on campouts. It started as a Snow White pillow. Now its just little flowers.


I love this scouting stuff.




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Sorry OGE.


I used ski poles for a couple of years but bent them both badly. Before that I used a Scout Staff made from gum tree. Now I use a bamboo didgereedo which doubles as a musical instrument when Im not walking. It is about 6 foot long and 1 1/2 inches in diameter. All of the segments have been bashed through with a peice of steel reo. Actually I need a new one as a PL dropped it on a rock and it split. Gaffer tape has not stopped the split going further. Only problem with the didge as a walking stick is that the end fills with mud sometimes.

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Let me help translate for my Australian brother


A didgeridoo is a long wooden trumpet-like instrument used by the Aboriginal peoples of Australia.


Gaffer tape = Duct Tape


Steel reo = Steel Rebar


I speak a little "stralian"

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