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Scouting in Iraq - help requested

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A little background....A local AF Scouting friend of mine is currently stationed at one of Saddam's former Palaces in Iraq. There are so many scouters over there that they have set up a local council for them, so that they can go out into the community and bring scouting to the local kids. Anyway, I received this message a couple of days ago and thought I'd pass this along here...the goal is to collect soccer balls. If anyone is interested in doing this maybe on a troop wide or as a community event, let me know and I will supply you with a contact name and number, which I did not want to post here.


Sue M.



"ACST Classmates,Hope all is well! Lookin' for some help with the program below we're"kicking off" (see attached charts). It's PA & SJA approved so widestdissemination is possible. Pls send to friends/orgs back home as yourtime allows. Thanks!Maj Chaudhary--------------------------------BLUF: Request your help getting the word out on a program we are kickingoff. The program is called OPERATION SOCCER BALL(See attached PPT). BACKGROUND: Improved security conditions in the battlespace provides atremendous opportunity to build bridges at the point-of-effect. Today,the point-of-effect is the Iraqi people, and how our service membersrelate to them. - I had the chance to play soccer with some Iraqi kids a week ago at aclinic. I have to say there were significant communicationbarriers...UNTIL THE SOCCER BALL SHOWED UP, and we were able to have alittle "kick around." No translator needed, we were instant friends.Soccer was our common language and the kids all went home with smiles. REQUESTED ACTION: We need your help building bridges with the Iraqipeople--send us a soccer ball; one, five or twenty--if you could see thelasting effect it had on them, you'd send a 1000!! Address is in theattached PPT. As we celebrate the 60th Anniv of the Berlin Airlift,you'll see that Operation Soccer Ball continues the legacy of the "CandyBomber,"and the message of hope. - Can you pass this around? Its got PA & SJA's stamp so widestdissemination is possible through DOD/civilian channels back in CONUS.We're looking for max participation from back home. Schools, scoutingtroops, etc. Anybody that wants to donate. Thanks for your time!"

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