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Barred from Cubs for not swearing allegiance to the Queen

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"Cheeky bugger, I've noticed this on several American sites, you think the only true kind of democracy is the American style."


Yes, well, the sad thing is many Americans are ignorant of the fact that we are a republic, not a democracy. And even fewer understand what the difference is and why our founders did NOT want us to be a democracy.

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The monarch could be of a different faith and still protect the Protestant Reformed Church. There have been Catholic kings before. Charles II and James II come to mind. A all but Catholic Tony Blair appointed COE officials for the Queen just recently.


That is not the worse part. Even more eggregous is the fact that those in the royal succession lose their place if they even marry a Catholic. I don't know how anyone could support such restrictions.


The UK has sadly degenerated into an almost mob rule It used to have a perfect mixed government with a monarchial, aristocratic, and popular element like Aristotle desired.


Over the years the power of the monarch has been all but destroyed, and Labour made the House of Lords into a rubber stamp body. Now the Prime Minister, assured of the majority of the House of Commons can effectively do what he wishes with no opposition.

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I think a discusion about out current government should be saved for another thread.


England has had many Catholic Kings, every single one from Alfred the Great to Henry VIII for example. Charles II conversion to Catholocism during his dying hour was always highly suspect, I doubt if he was conscious or even aware of what was happening at the time, the witnesses to this alleged conversion were hardly independent. Then we come to James II, the reason why we won't have another Catholic on the throne. Of course, if someone disagrees with this, there's always the traditional method of disputing who should be the Monarch.

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