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Help planning trip to UK in'08

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Our troop takes an international high adventure trip every 2-3 years. In July of '06, we took 21 scouts to the Kandersteg International Scout Center, in Switzerland. Our scouts have voted to make our next Intntl trip to the UK (probably in the summer of '08.

Do any of you have experience with scouting opportunities in the UK? What would be your Top 3-5 "Can't Miss" items? We will usually plan a 14 day trip. We like mostly scouting/high adventure activities, with a little sight-seeing mixed in for good measure.


Ideas? Experiences?


Thanks, CE

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Ive heard a few good things about Gilwell park Campsite, which is located close to London, and also has a small mueseum of Scoutng related stuff




As for the London area, Baden Powel house offers overnight accomodation,in the city centre




THeres also a directory of (most) UK camspsites here:



you could also try asking on a UK scouting forum, such as http://www.escouts.org.uk


and on the uk.rec.scouting newsgroup



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If your still interested, these are some of the orgnaised camps taking place in the UK next year ( 2008)


Poacher 2008, lincolnshire



Blair Athol Jamborette, Perthshire, Scotland



Campdowne 2008, Kent



Essex internationl Jamboreee, Essex



and theres probably a few more

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Have you got in contact with the Transatlantic council? More specificly, the Mayflower district? They are the BSA district in the UK (yes, American Scouts in the UK! mostly military families though). They would know all the best places to go camping and whatnot. You could try to contact them through the Council site [www.tac-bsa.org]. I know it's a bit late in the game for this, but it may be worth looking into.

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