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UK English and US English differences

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I do love catching up on all this discussion. Jargon and linquistics fascinates me.

wyomingi: "Gaffer Tape" : Gaffer is , if I remember correctly, Cockney slang for an Old Man. This led it to be the theatrical term for the fellow who is in charge of Lighting the Stage ( use to be with candles ane kerosene lamps) . The "Gaffer" is now the fellow in charge of the Lighting and electrical arrangements. "Gaffer Tape" is the stuff used to secure the e cables to the floor (so one doesn't trip over them) and the e cables to the battens (pipes) that hold the "babies" and "fresnels" and "ellipsoids" and such (spotlights). To canoeists, it's Duck Tape. To HVAC mechanics it's Duct Tape. To Red Green it's essential. FYI: "Best Boy" is the "Gaffers" assistant. TT4N.

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On a recent visit to one of our European offices I was offered the use of a "Beamer". I'm thinking, sweet!, a BMW! only to find out they meant an LCD projector!


In Boston the Subway is the "T" as in MTA.

Soda/Pop is..get this "Tonic".

And a Milkshake is a "Frappe".

A drinking water fountain is a "Bubbler".


In the USA we belong to a scouting organzation..in the UK scouts belong to an organisation.


And as Pint has informed us, in the UK some scout camps apparently have a PUB! We here in the New World still suffer from the lack of such civilized (or is it civilised?) benefits at our camps.





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Some of the larger camps have a bar for those on site over 18 years old, although in most cases the 'bar' is set up in a hut on the campsite.

The Drinking age in the UK is 18, however its only ilegal to sell alcohol to someone under 18.

Scouting has gone through a few changes in the UK in recent years, previously it was

Beavers - 6 to 8

Cubs 8 to 10

Scouts 10 - 16

Venture Scouts 16 - 21


With Venture Scouts you had some over 18 and some under 18, in theory the under 18s shouldnt have had access to the bar area which was usualy controlled via the use of passes ( ie a green ID card for over18s and a red one for under 18s)

Alcohol consumption on Venture Scouts camps was usualy social and sensible.

As long as people didnt go over the top and drink to excess there wasnt a problem.

If someone did too much then they were in a safe environment with people around to make sure that things were OK.

However depending on how that person behaved He/she wouldnt be welcome on any further activities and events until they could gaurentee that they would be able to act responsably, any repeat offences would be dealt with seriously by the Venture Scout group.


to sum up at least 99.99% of the people who were in Venture Scouts acted in a responsable and safe manner with regards to Alcohol.

The above was my own expeiriences from when I was a Venture Scout


Venture Scouting in the Uk is no more, and has since been replaced with:

Explorer Scouts (14 -18 ) and Scout Network ( 18-25)

with Explorer Scouts most groups have a no alcohol policy for under 18s, some groups have a 'controlled' alcohol policy for example: the parents give the leaders a can of beer which they can give to the relavant Explorer scout, although this is almost always only if all the Parents agree.


The emphasis is on sensible drinking, and anyone overstepping the mark can expect to be in trouble.

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I'll be in Milton Keynes,UK for two weeks. I have about 1000 patches to trade. What else do I need.(I'll have my colmans mustard in tubes)

to cover any food questions.I'll be going ona campout with the district there,& possibly to Baden Powell house. I heard Gilwell is not really worth the time,but I'm open to any suggestions on places to see. Thanks

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I thought Gilwell definitely worth the time. I was there in summer, when there were people camping and the interaction with British Scouters there was great. If you are interested in Scouting history, Gilwell is more significant than B-P House, which has only a small museum. Of course, if you're sightseeing in London, B-P House is close to Kensington Palace, Albert Hall, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, so easy to include. Gilwell is out at the end of the tube line and then walk, so it is time consuming to get out there.

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